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YouTube for Nonprofits in 3 Steps

If a picture is worth 1000 words imagine the power of videos. Now imagine those videos linking to your donations page!

What is YouTube for Nonprofits

YouTube for Nonprofits is part of the free Google for Nonprofits program. It allows any qualified not-for-profit group to increase donations and reach other important organizational goals through video and their YouTube Channels. The program is currently available in six countries, including the United States and Canada. For details, visit

NRDC uses Call to Action overlays on YouTube to increase sales of their green gifts
NRDC uses Call to Action overlays on YouTube to increase sales of their green gifts

The real beauty of YouTube for Nonprofits is that it gives you multiple ways to lead a potential supporter from your videos to your donations or signup page. You can set up annotations to create in-video text that links directly to any page on your website or use YouTube’s new Call-to-Action Overlays. Calls to actions are similar to traditional YouTube text ads but are much easier to create.

Finally, the program gives you free access to Google Checkout (aka Google Wallet). This option allows you to place a Donate button right on your YouTube Channel. Donors can give to your organization through Google’s secure checkout with a few clicks of a button.


Why it is Worth Your Time

YouTube is the largest video-sharing site on Earth. Over four billion hours of video are watched every month by over one billion unique viewers. Safe to say, many of your supporters are using YouTube.

Finally, the cost—there is none! YouTube for Nonprofits is a free program through Google for Nonprofits.  Over 17,000 nonprofit organizations are already signed up this program. It’s a no-brainer for you to join too.


Step-by-Step Instructions

The rest of this article presents a quick guide that will give you directions on getting started with YouTube for Nonprofits program. There are only three steps to enrollment—the whole process will take less than 15 minutes.

Step 1: Sign up for Google for Nonprofits if you are not already a member. Google for Nonprofits will give you access to the YouTube for Nonprofits program as well as Google Grants and other great, no-cost products.

Step 2: Once you’re in Google for Nonprofits, navigate to the product enrollment section, and begin the process.

Step 3: Wait. It will take Google a day or two to process your request. You will receive a confirmation email from YouTube once done. After that, you will be able to see all your additional features upon logging into your YouTube account.


Get Cracking!

YouTube for Nonprofits consists of three unique programs: Call-to-Action Overlays, External Link Annotations, and Google Checkout. YouTube provides easy-to-follow directions on using each of these features.

Call-to-Action Overlays: You can find this amazing feature under Video Manager, then by clicking “edit” on any of your videos. Call-to-Actions are similar to video ads, except much easier to use. You can place a headline, description, display URL, and even a thumbnail image on these ads. Choose any page on your organization’s website as a landing page.

External Link Annotations:  Annotations are an option under the Video Manager after selecting a video to edit. Just like regular annotations, you can create a text box that will appear in your video. However, now you also have the option to link your text with any page on your website!

Google Checkout: Your acceptance letter will include directions on how to set up this feature.

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