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Year End Fundraising With Your Google Ad Grant

The end of the year is a stressful time for nonprofit marketing and development folks. With 30% of giving happening in December there is a pressure on all of us to bring in the money that will help us succeed the following year. Media Cause wants to help relive the pressure of the end of year giving season by stretching the process out over 12-months.

9 Steps for Nonprofit Year End Fundraising Success with Google Ad Grants

The 9-steps below will prepare your organization immediately for a successful 2015 year end fundraising effort. How? It is all pretty simple actually. At Media Cause, we believe in building long-term relationships with supporters. This means using all the tools at your disposal to create online communities – especially on social media and email. Below you will see the steps it takes to turn you Google Ad Grant into a email list building machine. It will also show you how to better cultivate those email addresses and turn them into donors. Here’s to a great 2015 year end fundraising campaign!

Step 1: Get into the Google For Nonprofit Program.

Step 2: Benchmark your current fundraising efforts.

  • How much do you raise annually?
  • How much is year end fundraising versus other campaigns?
  • How much comes in online?
  • What are the top referral sources for those online gifts?
  • How big is your email list?
  • How active is it?

Step 3: Asses your website’s ability to collect email addresses.

  • A button at the top of your site is not enough
  • Do you utilize landing pages with specific one call to action that would be intriguing enough for a potential supporter to connect with you via email?
  • Are you measuring these efforts through Google Analytics?

Step 4: What keywords can you realistically get ad placement on through your Google Grant? (Notice we are on Step 4 and we haven’t talked about Adwords yet)

  • Do your keyword research.
  • Do you have the content to support the keywords that are possible to rank for?
  • If not, do you have the ability to create this content?

Step 5: Create Landing Pages that Drive for Email Collection.

Step 6: Create Welcome series based on how individuals came into your email list (segmenting).

  • Email 1: Thanks for joining here is some more content
  • Email 2: More content and explainer of how that content relates to the bigger mission
  • Email 3: Talk about bigger mission and longer benefit of staying connected to org and first monetary ask

Step 7: Drop the Welcome series’ folks into your main newsletter pipeline.

Step 8: Measure and optimize this entire process.

  • What landing pages are converting the best?
  • What keywords and ad copy produce the most conversions?
  • Can you A/B test creative on the landing page?
  • Can you create better/more appealing offers?
  • Where can you scale what has already been created?

Step 9: Get into the Google GrantsPro Program! Did you know you could convert your $10,000 a month grant into $40,000?



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