Year-end Digital Fundraising

Putting the “Fun” Back in Year-end Digital Fundraising

It’s that time of year when organizations start to plan out their year-end digital fundraising campaigns. More than 30 percent of online nonprofit revenue is generated during November and December. With #GivingTuesday and the final days of the year getting bigger and bigger each year, it has become harder and harder to stand out in a crowd — or a full inbox/social feed.

In this day and age, a simple ask for donations can become overused, and well, a little boring. Here are a few different ways to ask for money this year-end season to add a little diversity to your year-end digital fundraising campaigns and put the “fun” back in fundraising!


Many organizations use matches to encourage their supporter to donate to increase the impact of their generous gift. Whether it is a match provided by a corporate sponsor or a generous individual, matches work well in generating more gifts and larger gifts. Also, consider using matches for people who have not donated to your organization before, and send them messages like “your first gift will be matched dollar for dollar”. If you have sufficient match funds, utilizing triple matches and even quadruple matches can be helpful in times where many organizations are promoting matches, ie Giving Tuesday and Year End. Matches can also be used for engagement campaigns, such as signing a petition or a card or taking a quiz. Try some like, “For every person who signs the card $1 will be donated.”


If your organization has some really cool collateral, like autographed memorabilia or limited edition souvenirs, consider a hosting a giveaway. Promote the giveaway as every $5 will earn you one chance at winning. Just be sure to have a free-entry method and official sweepstake rules on the entry page.


If you have a store where you sell merchandise, consider promoting it during prime retail times, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Offer discounts to your supporters. You can even suggest your merchandise to be the perfect holiday gift with meaning.

Gift Catalog

Not to be confused with Shopping (above), many organizations have gift catalogs in which a supporter can “donate” an item to the mission, such as a donating $100 for a month’s worth of water for a family in need or $30 for shoes for a child. Their contribution becomes more tangible when they can relate their donation directly to the mission.


Often times at the end of months or quarters you will see many organizations talking about deadlines, especially with matches. Adding time urgency can motivate a supporter to give in that moment as opposed to waiting until another time. There is an incentive to taking action immediately that benefits your organization — and if there’s a match benefiting the supporter as well since their gift will have even more impact.

Community Drive

Similar to a date deadline, community drives with goals can also motivate supporters to take action. Things like new member drives, or new donor drives can help the supporter feel like they are becoming part of a mission and a team. It is also helpful to show progress, whether that’s through a live thermometer or a follow-up email saying 426 people have taken action so far.

At the end of the day, it is important your organization stands out, but most importantly, make sure to thank your donors! Whether it’s on a follow-up page or email, or even a postcard, your supporters deserve acknowledgment for their generous gifts during your year-end digital fundraising efforts.

Looking for support in developing a successful year-end digital fundraising strategy? Get in touch! We’d love to help.


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