What Creativity Looks Like at Media Cause: Part 3

This piece is the third of a four-part series on the creative rituals we use at Media Cause to stay inspired and deliver the most impactful work possible. This third installment explores how we use creativity to design kickass campaigns… and ultimately, deliver greater impact for our clients.

Creativity with Clients

How do our creative rituals translate to our client work? At Media Cause, we believe creativity is more than just turning heads or following the latest design trends. We use creativity as a tool in service to our mission: to accelerate the growth and impact of organizations and individuals doing good around the world. Here are just a few examples of how creativity shows up in our client work.


This past December, a few folks from the Media Cause team led our friends at Shifamed in a workshop to define their brand voice and mission statement. They brought a deck of Brand Cards to tap into the the whole room’s perceptions of Shifamed’s brand identity. They used a plethora of sticky notes in all colors of the rainbow to brainstorm meaty questions like “What do we believe?” and “What is the world we want to live in?” At Media Cause, sticky notes and brand cards are just a few of the tools we employ to facilitate potentially thorny conversations, break the ice, and create a container for good ideas to come forward.

Live Your Dream

At Media Cause, we’re firm believers that when it comes to marketing, one size does not fit all. That’s why, when Live Your Dream told us they wanted to build their community of advocates fighting for the rights of women and girls, we knew we’d need to get creative in our approach. Instead of simply slapping an email subscribe button on their website, we created a quiz: “Which Shero Are You?”. A “Shero” (“She” + “hero”) is a woman admired for her courage and resilience. Through a series of fun and interactive questions, supporters could discover their inner “Shero” and Live Your Dream got to learn more about their supporters and send them the types of information and messages they cared most about. Adopting a creative mindset allows us look past the obvious options to spot the truly brilliant ones.

Global Citizen Year

Solving client challenges often means coming up with creative solutions. Global Citizen Year wanted to find ways to engage and enroll college-bound Millennials in their incredible gap year program. But this generation does things differently, and we have to meet them where they’re at. With inspiration from creative internal brainstorms (and a good dose of 90’s nostalgia), the Media Cause team developed “Mad-lib” style fill-in-the-blank email templates for excited prospective participants looking to convince their parents about a gap year. Our talented design team created Instagram ads meant to look like Instagram polls, which would keep Gen Z’ers clicking through to learn more about the program. We come up with some of our best ideas when we simply put our feet in the shoes of our customers and supporters.

More Creative Outcomes

Creative rituals give a foothold on the sometimes steep, sometimes shaky terrain of bringing a new project into life… and ultimately, help us bring about real and meaningful impact for our clients. At Media Cause, creative rituals lead to some serious results.

How could a creative ritual help you in your next big project? Drop us a line and tell us what you’re up to!

Read on for our final installment in this series, where we highlight how you can incorporate personal creative rituals into your work.


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