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User Feedback Helped to Change the Instagram Algorithm

What’s New?

After user feedback, Instagram has decided to go back to its old ways–well, kind of. Instagram will be changing its algorithm to make updates more timely. With the updated Instagram algorithm, the platform will be giving priority to newer content so that users are more likely to see newer posts at the top of their feed. And now Instagramers can breathe a *sigh* of relief because they will be less likely to miss their best friends’ latest vacation photos.

Instagram will also be testing a new button that will allow users to refresh their feeds when they want to–giving everyone more time to catch up with all of their post updates. Say goodbye to unexpectedly being bumped to the top of your feed mid-scroll!

What This Means For Business Instagrams

This move does not mean that Instagram will be completely changing back to a chronological feed. Instead, the Instagram algorithm will be giving more weight to the timeliness of a post. This means that the time that your organization posts is more important now than before. To increase reach and engagement, your organization should schedule posts when your followers are most active.

To find out the best times to post for your organization do the following:

  1. Open your business Instagram app
  2. Click the insights icon in the top right corner
  3. Scroll down to the followers section and tap “see more”
  4. Scroll down again to the followers section and you’ll see these graphs:


These graphs will tell you exactly which days and times your followers are most active! In the above graphs, Thursdays between 12 and 3pm would be the best time for the “example” organization to post.

The new Instagram algorithm also means that organizations may have to start posting more frequently since older posts are now less likely to appear in a user’s Instagram feed.

A Lesson In Social Listening

Instagram implemented all of these new changes in response to user feedback. The social platform took the criticism from their audience and turned it into a better user experience. Instagram is sending a message to its followers that they are listening.

This type of social listening is a practice that should be applied to every organization. Your organization should implement a process dedicated to observing conversations about your brand on social media. The buzzword that must be stressed is: listening.

It is imperative that your organization not only monitor conversations, but actually absorb the feedback given by your community. The lessons you can learn from your audience will tell you more about your organization and how you can improve

Social listening also nurtures the relationship with your current customers, which is as good as gold for any organization.

Businesses can make use of social listening tools to keep track of audience feedback. Here are some tools that can help:

  • Sprout Social
  • Fanpage Karma
  • Social Rank
  • Conversocial
  • Falcon

Take some notes from Instagram, the fastest-growing social platform: Listening to feedback from your audience is what will ultimately help differentiate your brand.


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