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Transitioning Google Analytics Goals into Google AdWords Conversions

Do you prefer conversion tracking or goal tracking? Wait, aren’t they the same thing? Why yes they are. Some folks, however, rely exclusively on Google Analytics for their conversion, er…goal tracking and others just use the AdWords conversions tracking tool. I say, why not both?

Whether your non-profit relies on Paid AdWords or Google AdGrants (if you’re a non-profit and you don’t have an AdGrants account you need to click here right now) there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t show conversion numbers right next to clicks & impressions. For those folks who have only used Analytics to track goals, here’s a quick step-by-step guide into importing those goals into AdWords so they can simultaneously track as conversions.

Before you begin run through this check list and make sure you meet the following criteria:

– Your Google AdWords account should be linked to your Google Analytics account. If it isn’t, here’s a guide on how to link the two.

– Opt into data sharing. It may have seemed prudent to opt out of these features in order to protect your privacy but keep in mind your data is shared with Google products anonymously.

– Make sure auto-tagging is switched on in your AdWords account.

Once you’ve covered your bases, use these four steps to get started with the import:

Step 1 — In Google AdWords, under the Tools drop down menu, go to the Conversions page.

Step 2 — To the right of the add conversion button (+ Conversion) and immediately below the tab navigator is the Import From Google Analytics button.

Step 3 — Check from the list of Goals that you’d like to track as conversions in Google AdWords. The idea is to use conversions which provide some sort of tangible result. Form fills or transactions are great examples of conversion assets.

Step 4 — Select a category for each conversion. The options are Purchase/Sale, Signup, Lead, View of a Key Page and Other.  When complete hit the import button.

That’s it. From this day on your AdWords account will show you conversion numbers right next to the other metrics that are important to you.

If you’re a nonprofit that needs consultation into Google Analytics or if you could use some help improving on your Google AdWords or Google Ad Grant account, feel free to give us a shout!


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