Thursday Thinky: Arches, Bees & Cancer

Do you know what happens when the Thursday Thinky meets Throwback Thursday? Well, you either get a really long hashtag or a fun Thinky on past campaigns. Let’s go for the latter!

With Fall about to show on our doorsteps, I decided to dive in the Thinky archives to put together a summer rewind edition. So this week, we’ll talk about gun violence and pancreatic cancer awareness. We’ll also visit the animal kingdom to check on bees and orcas. And, we’ll finish with a classic brand, revisited. As usual, if any of these make your wheel spin, we’d love to hear your thoughts–get in touch with us!

Farewell Summer 2019!


Non-Profits For The Win


Good Measure – Raising awareness of gun violence (Campaign Live)

This is super interesting. Read the article but then also make sure to visit the project site itself. It’s a lovely exploration and visual dialogue, it challenges people to create art for the movement, and it does include other ways for people to get involved through donations to specific orgs. I wish it explained its purpose and/or impact vision better, but this is beautiful.

Hat tip to Ueno & Van Holtz Co. who worked on this campaign.


Pancreatic Cancer Action – “I wish I had ____ Cancer”  (PCA)

This is an old (2014) but powerful campaign to drive awareness of pancreatic cancer, to hopefully lead to earlier detection. In July, the Pancreatic Cancer Action resurfaced that campaign and talked about the relevance it still has today with a cancer patient. It’s built on a potentially controversial insight, the Cancer Olympics concept, that makes it so striking and effective. What do you think?



The Wonderful World of Cause Marketing


Virgin – Virgin Media tackles the disability employment crisis (Marketing Week)

“[This is] about the Virgin brand and how the Virgin brand is able to use its power and recognition to take on not just business issues but also social issues.”
This is the way cause marketing should work, because it’s not actually marketing! If mission is like an iceberg for brands, Virgin is diving deeper into the bottom to address internal issues FIRST before coming out with some kind of splashy campaign. Props.


Papa John’s – Papa John’s made mini pizzas to help the bee population (Ad Age)

This is another Cause Marketing campaign that left us torn. It’s great that they’re donating part of the online sales from this promo to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and this also may be a better stunt than most to get people talking. But… you have to wonder if it is just a stunt to promote their honey whatever pizza product. Hopefully, it’s not only for “a limited time”, because we can’t hit pause on the decline of the honeybees population.



Vancouver Island Brewing – An orca-inspired beer to raise awareness and funds for endangered whales (Creative Review)

From a design standpoints, this is very cool and thoughtful. Each product is named after a real orca from the SRKW pods (a group of orcas that live together) and each can has been designed based on the distinctive white patches that adorn real orcas from the pods, while the outer box is completed with a dorsal fin revealing a handle. But, the Thinky #1 question remains. How much impact, and I mean real impact (you know us), will it have? ‍♂️


A Long Overdue Visual Identity Overhaul


McDonald’s – The Golden Arches serve up a bold new visual identity (Ad Age)

“For the everyday consumer, the name McDonald’s might summon a handful of singular images: the Golden Arches, a Big Mac, a red container of fries, Ronald McDonald. But just two years ago, if you surveyed the company’s advertising around the world, you’d find a completely different picture: jumbled messages comprising a mish-mash of fonts, a color palette pulled from the entire rainbow and an assortment of logos. That’s the problem McDonald’s set out to correct last year with a comprehensive overhaul of the company’s global visual identity.” Problem solved!


That’s it for today’s Thinky. See you next week!

PS: If any of the above made your wheel spin, we’d love to hear your thoughts–get in touch with us!

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