Thursday Thinky: Real Impact, Recycling & Radio

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today is actually a very special Thursday for me because… it is my wedding anniversary! So, in honor of my wife and the six years that we have spent together with rings on our fingers, here is a curation of six campaigns/ideas worth sharing with you all.

Buckle up because this week’s edition is an eclectic one! We start with a gender equality campaign from the UK, before moving on to one of our favorite spaces, Cause Marketing. We’ll round up our Thinky with a vibrant, must-read editorial on the “only screen-less mass medium left”, radio, and the return of our obsession with vending machines ‍♂️.

Enjoy your Thinky and have a great Labor Day Weekend!

PS: If you like art, there might be a super cool bonus at the end of this article…


Tackling Gender Equality in Reverse


SheSays #ShareBaby campaign pushes shared parental leave for working dads (Campaign Live)

Monday was Women’s Equality day in the US so we wanted to share a very interesting campaign we spotted across the atlantic, in the UK. SheSays, a global network that advocates for the advancement of women in creative, is advocating for more companies to give adequate parental leave to dads. What’s actually pretty cool here, but also frustrating, is that the British government has laws and policies already in place to ensure this happens… but most companies aren’t actually implementing them. Curious to see how impactful that campaign will be in the UK!



The Wonderful World of Cause Marketing


A quick roundup of pop-up shops “supposedly” for a cause  (Sparks)

“So the message is clear—designing pop-up shops that are sustainable or help the environment will absolutely make an impact—for the better.” Let’s be clear, the experience design in some of these are stunning, but in terms of impact, the bar is low, very low! Is impact simply donating part of proceeds to a charity? Come on! We can all do better than that, but that brings a bigger question to the table. What is impact? Real impact?

For more Cause Marketing need-to-knows, check out our Cause-Marketing 101 webinar!

AsdaUK retailer Asda uses 90,000 plastic bottles for car park resurfacing (Retail Gazette)

This is really cool because it’s 1. actually useful, and 2. the start of a larger sustainability initiative: “Asda said it has scrapped 6500 tonnes of plastic from own-brand products over the past year. Moreover, Asda will remove plastic carrier bags that it currently uses for online orders in a bid to save over 500 tonnes of plastic each year.” Well done, Asda!


Since we are using our platform to praise, question, and criticize different examples of Cause Marketing, it’s only right that we share our perspective on the topic. Amy Small, our VP of Creative & Brand Strategy, is hosting a 4-part webinar series with AIMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) on cause marketing and how to get it right. It started yesterday but you will be able catch up on the first episode soon. However, you can already sign up for the second one on November 6th, here.

Access the first installment of this Cause Marketing webinar series here.


Radio’s Not Dead!


The art of telling a good picture (D&AD)

“A unicorn army from outer space attacks earth with jelly-powered stun guns… What you’re seeing in your head right now would no doubt rival any blockbuster film out there. But your mind has just done it without Hollywood, and at a cost that would leave the gregarious folk in procurement with smiles tattooed across their faces.”


An ode to radio, sounds, and words by Mariana O’Kelly (Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather South Africa). The best thing we read last week!


Brand That Caught Our Eye


AutoTrader – Autotrader gives the world…a car vending machine (Campaign Live)

This made me smile! Did we need a car vending machine? Probably not. BUT. It’s a pretty cool way to physically, in giant scale, illustrate the brand promise of no-haggle car buying. Attention captured. Well played.



BONUS: Enjoy a Trip Through Advertising History


Clio Awards –Explore 60 Years of Advertising History in This Epic, Interactive Painting by the Clio Awards(Muse by Clio)

This is just so cool. And, so well done. And, so addictive! It can suck you down a rabbit hole but is super interesting, whether you come from an ad background or not. Click the picture to interact with the painting.

Hat tip to artist Sam Pratt, Clio, and BBDO Los Angeles who collaborated on this piece.



That’s it for today’s Thinky. See you next week!

PS: If any of the above made your wheel spin, we’d love to hear your thoughts–get in touch with us!

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