Thursday Thinky: Pride, Music & Porn

Labor Day is behind us. Burning Man has vanished from Nevada’s desert. But, all is not lost. The Thinky is here!

This week, we’re going on a wild ride! We’ll touch on hate speech, food, music, bladder weakness, and plastic pollution, with campaigns from the Emergence Foundation, Dunkin’ Donuts, Doritos, Spotify, Elvie, and PornHub! If any of these make your wheel spin, we’d love to hear your thoughts–get in touch with us!

Happy first Thursday of September!


Flagging Homophobia


Emergence Foundation – Pride Flagging: A New Chrome Plugin Strikes Out Hate Speech on Twitter With the Rainbow Flag (Muse by Clio)

This is a great initiative. It starts to get people thinking about some of the deeper cultural symptoms/amplifiers of homophobia and hate, and how often we probably ignore them or pass them off as “awful”, without trying to stopping them. Of course, this plugin is not THE solution to eradicate hate speech but this was not the goal of the campaign. The Emergence Foundation wanted to champion this issue, not necessarily drive donations or capture emails. And, looking at it from an awareness lens and a conversation starter perspective, this wins!


Hat tip to Rethink, who worked with Emergence Foundation on this campaign.


The Wonderful World of Cause Marketing


Dunkin’ gets into Childhood Cancer Awareness with Waze (

Dunkin’ is asking people to download a special voice pack for their Waze app–with all the directions being given by kids who are or have fought cancer. For every download, money is going to the Joy Foundation to help send kids with cancer to camp. So there are ✅for consumer participation, and for linking it to tangible human impact. BUT…the Joy Foundation is actually part of Dunkin. Which makes me wonder if Dunkin’ would have done a similar campaign with an organization that plays solely in the childhood cancer space to help address some of THEIR needs. Thoughts?

Want a deeper dive into Cause Marketing need-to-knows? Check out our webinar!

PornHubMaking the dirtiest porn ever to clean the world’s beaches (Muse by Clio)

After Beesexual, a campaign to help save Bees, PornHub is at it again, this time shooting a porn scene on a polluted beach in the Caribbean to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Most people probably don’t know this side of PornHub. And, I don’t think that it will make horny people more likely to choose Pornhub over the competition. For that reason, I like these types of campaigns from them even more because they could literally choose not to do anything. But, they do. They know, we all know, that sex sells, so why not leverage it for good? Brilliant.


Last week, we mentioned Amy Small, our VP of Creative & Brand Strategy, started a 4-part webinar series with AIMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) on cause marketing and how to get it right. If you missed the first episode, it is now available on YouTube. If you like it, you can also sign up for the second one on November 6th, here.



Brands That Caught Our Eye


Spotify – Spotify’s new campaign is all about the joy of listening to music in the car (Muse by Clio)

Home run. It’s that easy, it’s that good. This was an instant hit in our office. It’s incredibly relatable, it’s based on the simplest of human insights, and executed through the simplest collection of human moments. Why does this work so well? Its main focus is the emotion, not the product, and not the brand. The brand and the product are what trigger the emotion, but they get you to FEEL something. They’re not selling you anything. It’s just pure feelings.


Elvie – #FreeFromPee: ditching the euphemisms to tackle taboos around bladder weakness (The Drum)

Everybody pees. Can’t we talk about it like adults? Can’t we just all call things what they are, and oh–let’s not be afraid to use humor in the process? That’s what Elvie did. The design in the video is delightful. And the point where the tone shifts–watch it and you’ll know exactly when–is so well crafted. It’s not melodramatic, not tragic. It just…is!


Doritos – Going logo-free for its latest ad (Creative Review)

The brandless trend strikes again. In this example, however, I’m not buying the “we’re too cool for advertising” mantra… while using advertising. Even though Doritos has the brand recognition to pull it off, and uses clues throughout the ad to scream Doritos without using the term, it feels a bit hypocritical to me. But, we’re discussing it so they probably reached their goal. What do you think?



That’s it for today’s Thinky. See you next week!

PS: If any of the above made your wheel spin, we’d love to hear your thoughts–get in touch with us!

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