Thursday Thinky: Justice, Symbols & Education

This week, we are taking a closer look at campaigns tackling racial justice. We are examining the role of symbols throughout history. We are celebrating pride on Animal Crossing. And, we highlight the devastating impact of COVID-19 on students from low-income communities.

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Creative & Brand

R/GA  x Ad Council  Love Has No Labels is back to fight racial injustice (Campaign Live)

From Melvin (Account Director): A few years ago R/GA and Ad Council created the Love has no labels campaign to address the biases we all have. The campaign picked up right where it left off to address the fight for racial justice by reflecting on the concept of Freedom.

“The freedom to live without fear, the freedom to drive through all 50 states, the freedom to sleep safely in our own beds, the freedom to jog where we please, the freedom to breathe,” lists the voiceover to remind the viewer that these random everyday act cost Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and many other their lives.

The video ends on the CTA to “Learn, Act, Donate” and follows through on the campaign website with resources to read, actions to take, and organizations to support.

Can Symbols Change the World? (Muse By Clio)

From Melvin (Account Director): Design and symbols are everywhere and we often use them as reference points to make sense of our messy world. Recognizable symbols have been used to unite us and inspire us… but throughout history, they also have been markers of division and oppression.

Beat Baudenbacher, principal and chief creative officer at Loyalkaspar, takes us on a mind walk looks at the use of symbols for better and for worse.

Global Pride – Hosting a Joyous Celebration Inside Animal Crossing (Muse By Clio)

From Melvin (Account Director): Is it really a Thinky if we don’t mention gaming? Brands and organizations continue t0 turn to Animal Crossing to activate their audiences. And last week, it was Global Pride’s turn to announce a partnership with the popular Nintendo Switch game.

In order to help the LGBTQ+ community celebrate safely online, the organization launched the #GlobalPrideCrossing, a wide-ranged initiative including “customizable Pride Islands, created with Swipe Back, featuring rainbow fashions for Animal Crossing avatars, message boards, catwalks and space for marches. On June 27, Twitch creators including ShubbleYT, AndrewArcade, ZoeTwoDots, and Loveabilities will livestream Animal Crossing sessions and host special activities.” Gamers can also make donations via Tiltify to support community members impacted by COVID-19. It’s the real deal.



P&G threatens to pull ad spend if platforms don’t take ‘systemic action’ over racial equality  (Marketing Week)

From Melvin (Account Director): The brand behind The Look, The Talk, and most recently The Choice is doubling down on its engagement for racial justice. P&G, who already urged its white consumers to support black lives through their purchasing power, has announced “a comprehensive review of its media buying to ensure that all channels, networks, platforms, and programs on which it advertises accurately and respectfully portray Black people.”

This decision comes as the campaign #StopHateForProfit is gaining momentum, with more and more high profile brands boycotting Facebook advertising until the month of July to ask the social media giant to take meaningful actions to stop its platform from being used as a tool to spread and amplify racism, hate and discrimination.

Pathways to Education – Pathways Calls for Action in Powerful Awareness Campaign (Little Black Book)

From Melvin (Account Director): As it has been widely reported, Covid-19 has a much bigger impact on low-income communities and people of color. Students within that group are particularly at risk of losing their access to education to do financial difficulty and the growing digital divide.

To raise awareness and address this issue, Pathways to Education launched the Disconnected Education campaign ten days ago across Canada. The campaign uses social media and digital assets, including powerful 15 seconds video clips, to get its message across and send people to a landing page where the main CTA is to donate to help support the at-risk students.



YWCA – Racial equity and social justice challenge  (YWCA)

White Privilege

From Nicola (Account Director): The YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women.To help their local branches generate email addresses and engage their own communities, they launched a 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge that each branch is implementing. This is a great example of how the national org is providing tools to local affiliates to cultivate potential donors in their area. Once you sign up, you will be prompted daily with challenges such as reading an article, listening to a podcast, reflecting on personal experiences, and more.

This challenge launched on June 19, 2020, but it’s not too late to join in. The link provided is for the Dayton, Ohio affiliate, but your local YWCA branch is likely participating. Grab a friend, family member or co-worker and join the challenge to learn more about racial equity and social justice and search your own YWCA to see if they are participating.

What Else Caught Our Attention This Week

Tech for impact: Facebook rolls out a feature in India to help women lock their accounts, protecting them from unwanted and potentially dangerous connections

Advertising for Impact: The best advertising appeals to all of our senses. So in the world of “what’s next,” are branded scents the new sound?

Design for Impact: How social impact organization Understood redesigned its website, typefaces and marketing collateral for broader accessibility.

Animation for Impact: American Egg Board Rebrands Wednesday as ‘Weggsday’ in Musical Short.

Innovation for impact: how chatbots continue to evolve the way we engage with brands, and the world around us.

Ideas for impact: If you’re a parent, this one is going to hit home. The use of sound is key, so make sure to have your volume up.

Chicken for Impact: KFC in the UK makes a comeback as people begin to return to restaurants

Fun for Impact: Labatt’s beer pivots its strategy to show people how to have more summer fun at home


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