Freelancer features with people and their background

The #MCFreelancerFeature

When shelter in place orders were popping up like food trucks in 2008, we knew how business was getting done was changing. Some of the hardest hit wouldn’t be counted in traditional unemployment numbers either, that’s right, we’re talking about the mythical freelancer.

Freelancers are how a lot of creative work gets done. Some pop in for a project, lighten the workload and then move on to the next creative endeavor, while others just prefer the flexibility, but choose to stay with an organization for a longer time. Regardless of how they decide to operate their business, as a whole, many lost their income when COVID-19 started to make an impact in the US.

At Media Cause, we knew we couldn’t hire all of them, but we could give them access to our networks, and show their skills to new audiences. This would hopefully drum up some business to get them through these wildly unpredictable times. (Fun fact: it did!)

We imagined all of the freelancers and their graphics acting as a great portfolio for anyone looking for creative help. As designers, we wanted the collection of features to stand well together, but still offer individuality for each freelancer, highlighting them and their work in a single glance. So we created collages that combine the headshots of the freelancers with samples of their work. We were careful to allow their work to inspire the shape of the collage, more deeply showcasing the unique creatives themselves. We chose mid-century modern colors and retro fonts to complement the more free-flowing graphics and to act as consistent threads to tie the campaign together. The resulting aesthetic is fun and engaging, with tons of personality, but not overwhelming when viewed as a collection.

Take a moment and explore the nearly 30 designers, photographers, copywriters, voice-over artists, and more that were featured in our on-going series. To view their work, simply click on their image to be taken to their portfolio. While you might not have a need now, keep them in mind as we start entering whatever this “new normal” turns out to be.

Are you a freelancer who wants to be featured? Great! Fill out this form and we’d be happy to help.



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