Tell Congress: Nonprofits need your support! #Relief4Charities 

Over the last six months, the impact of COVID-19 was a little unknown, but we knew nonprofits would be greatly impacted. Some estimated there could be upwards of a 75% decline in donations or $200B loss worth of volunteer hours. 

With 11.4 million jobs, nonprofits are the third largest workforce in the United States. Without nonprofits, our communities will be at risk. Due to COVID-19, both in the immediate response and predicted downstream effects, many are losing critical funding, reducing staff, and rethinking or revoking services. Nonprofits, their staff, and the diverse communities they serve are struggling to survive.

Currently, an estimated of $25B loss in revenue this year and an estimated 13% unemployment rate within the nonprofit industry. Nonprofits need support from Congress more than ever! 

Congress must designate stimulus relief for nonprofits—helping them continue to serve our communities. Nonprofits need to designate Paycheck Protection Loans and forgiveness, charitable giving incentives, and expanded unemployment insurance. 


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