How to Find Social Media Content for Nonprofits

While it’s important to look for engaging content to share with your nonprofit’s supporters on social media, it’s just as important to set up systems to have content delivered to you.

Sometimes it’s necessary to actively look for content – if you’re tweeting about developing news that’s related to your nonprofit’s work or looking for additional information to add context to an issue you’re discussing with your followers. But for everyday posts, you can easily streamline your workflow for getting great content by setting up “listening devices” – online tools that can help find news stories, videos, blog posts and other content.

Google Alerts

This might be the most common method to get relevant articles in your inbox everyday. You can add one or more keywords in the “Search Query” field, and set up parameters like content type (ex. news, blog, video, discussion) and frequency (as it happens, once-a-day, once-a-week) so you can receive the most relevant content.

The keywords you choose can be issues that your nonprofit focuses on like poverty alleviation or environmental justice. If your nonprofit is hosting an event, you can add the names of speakers as the keywords to promote their articles or videos. Once you’ve set up alerts, Google will email a list of links to articles, videos and other content, which you can share on your nonprofit’s social media networks.! is another tool you can use to obtain information from different platforms and websites. Using Scoop it! is similar to Google Alerts. You enter keywords, and will find related content based on those keywords. Learn more about here: Digital curation for nonprofits.

Sign up for newsletters

Does your nonprofit partner with other organizations? Are there companies, think tanks or other nonprofit groups that work on issues that would be of interest to your nonprofit’s community? Sign up for their newsletters to keep up with the latest news and updates about their work, so you can share it on your organization’s online networks.

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Illustration of social media listening devices created by Lena Wenzhuo. 


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