Extending a hand to organizations impacted by the shutdown

The partial government shutdown is now in its fifth week, and has continued to have a significant impact on people, communities, and organizations far and wide. Government employees have lost paychecks. National Parks are being shuttered, and those staying open are vulnerable to destruction (not to mention the long-term impact on our climate). Halted government assistance programs could cause even more hardship for those who rely on them. Everywhere we look, the situation is dire and people are feeling helpless with no promised end in sight.

We want to do our part to help.

We’re proud to work with brands and organizations that are fighting back – sometimes continuing the good fight with limited funding or no funding at all, and relying on the hearts of employees and supporters who care about these causes and the betterment of society and humanity. Across the agency, we’ve had many discussions and brainstorms as to how we can help our clients and other organizations mitigate the adverse effects of the shutdown.

That’s why we’re doing our small part by extending a helping hand to nonprofits that receive government funding – whose livelihoods and important work are under threat due to the shutdown.

Reach out to us to see if there is something we can do to help drive more awareness to your organization or make sure your constituents don’t miss out on important messages related to your services during the shutdown.

Our mission as an agency is to help brands and organizations create positive change in the world around us. We understand the struggles our clients face every day to make that happen, and often carry them as our own. We also know how tough the last few weeks have been for many people, communities, and organizations to continue the work that’s critical to our society–whether they’re trying to make headway on an important issue, or just trying to make a paycheck to bring home to their families.

We are truly humbled by the impact our clients are continuing to make during these difficult times. Today, tomorrow, and every day, we stand with our clients and the good they’re putting out into the world. Even when the going gets tough, we’re here to keep going together.

Are you an organization that has been impacted by the government shutdown? Has this created communication challenges for your constituents? Get in touch with us – we’d love to see if we can help.


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