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5 Organizations Making Strides For Sexual Health + Reproductive Rights

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month, which means it’s time to turn our focus to an issue that is seldom discussed but deserves much attention.

Societal stigmas and conservative cultural norms have pushed the topic of sexual health into taboo territory, and a study conducted by the American Sexual Health Association found that 26% of adults feel too embarrassed to discuss issues of sexual health with a healthcare professional. As a result, countless patients are missing out on conversations, resources, and education vital to their overall health and wellness. Whether we openly discuss them or not, sexual health issues exist, are pervasive, and impact millions of lives each day.

So, what exactly is sexual health? 

Sexual health is an umbrella term used to categorize a wide variety of medical areas for both men and women. The World Health Organization defines it as “a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.” 

As such a broad topic comprising important issues like reproductive health, use of contraception, sexuality, and sexual functioning and satisfaction as well as mental, emotional, and social conditions, we can’t afford to overlook the importance of addressing sexual health.

That’s why we’re so fortunate to work with some amazing organizations providing the resources, information, and care necessary to improve the sexual health and general well-being of people around the world. So, as Sexual Health Awareness Month kicks off, we’d like to shine a light on the important work our clients are doing in this space.

Pathfinder International

Pathfinder International is a global non-profit that has been trailblazing the fight for sexual health since 1957. With projects in over 20 countries, they empower members of vulnerable populations to choose whether and with whom to have children, defending the right to sexual and reproductive health for millions worldwide.

Pathfinder works with local community leaders to provide access to contraception, sexual health education and family planning services, legal defense of sexual and reproductive rights, resources for community health clinics, maternal and newborn care, and support for those affected by the HIV/ AIDS epidemic. Their mission couldn’t be achieved without the backing of a strong supporter network. Knowing this, we created an email reengagement strategy that brought 700 disengaged supporters back into Pathfinder’s active email file. We’re excited to help tap into this network leading up to World Contraception Day with a fundraising campaign that will bring birth control to women around the world!  

The Center for Reproductive Rights

The Center for Reproductive Rights is the only legal advocacy group whose sole mission is to defend reproductive rights within the US and internationally. Their lawyers fight to ensure women everywhere are able to access reproductive and sexual health services and educational information. With 19 active cases in 29 states, The Center for Reproductive Rights works tirelessly–and successfully–to protect sound sexual health as a fundamental human right. 

While their pioneering legal battles have elicited huge wins in more than 50 countries, their impact extends beyond the courtroom. Just last month, we helped CRR speak out against the rollback of healthcare rights for women and the LGBT community. Our Facebook Ads alone collected 6,091 comments that were submitted to the Department of Human and Health Services, and acquired 2,067 new supporters for the Center.

Futures Without Violence

For over three decades, Futures Without Violence has established themselves as leaders in the prevention and intervention of violence against women and children. They create extensive and cutting-edge public education campaigns, policy reform proposals, and comprehensive programs for youth, professional settings, college campuses and beyond that protect the universal right to sexual health. 

We’re proud to work with FUTURES on meaningful initiatives like their Check Your Workplace campaign, which calls for an end to workplace sexual harassment, and their That’s Not Cool educational program designed to teach teenagers about healthy relationship habits. The significance of their impact makes expanding FUTURES’ reach exciting as we empower more people to fight against systemic physical, sexual, and emotional violence.


Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance works to cure Ovarian Cancer from every angle–through scientific research, education, community support, fundraising, and political activism. By funding medical breakthroughs, advocating for patient rights within the legal system, and creating a powerful network of survivors, OCRA moves us towards a world with ubiquitous sexual and reproductive health.

With sexual health being such an integral aspect of the fight against Ovarian Cancer, it’s no surprise that September doubles as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (stay tuned for more content on this topic as the month goes on!). We’re excited to launch a fundraising and awareness campaign with OCRA centered on the important truth that “Knowledge is Power”. This campaign highlights the work OCRA does to spread medical knowledge with groundbreaking research, experiential knowledge through their patient and survivor communities, and informational and educational knowledge through their resource center.


BONUS: CreakyJoints

Our client CreakyJoints is an Arthritis patient-centered research collective that offers abundant resources to those battling Arthritis and related conditions. Recognizing that sexual and reproductive health are integral to our overall well-being, CreakyJoints has many articles and lots of helpful information on their blog that help their audience members tend to their sexual health :


With so many clients making waves in the sexual health space, you can expect to hear us celebrating their wins and boosting recognition all throughout Sexual Health Awareness Month. By getting the conversation rolling and bringing sexual and reproductive health issues to the forefront of our minds, we can make strides towards more accessible overall societal health. 


Have some thoughts on impact and sexual health awareness? Let us know!


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