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Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack Spring ’16 Release Highlights

The Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack is a managed app on the Salesforce platform that is open source and community-driven. It allows nonprofits to track all relationships, donations, households, affiliations, and other constituent data and connect fundraising, programs, volunteers, and grants in one solution. 

New features are released every two weeks, and Salesforce was kind enough to summarize the most important spring updates in one webinar. We attended the webinar to get insight into the newest solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Here is what you need to know.

Top 4 new features of the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack:

salesforce nonprofit starter pack lightning experience

1. The Lightning Experience

The Lightning experience is an optional new UI. It provides users with a more streamlined experience than the Salesforce Classic experience. All features of the Salesforce platform can be found in both the Classic and Lightning versions, and as of right now there are no plans to terminate the Classic Experience. However, new features will be developed primarily for the Lightning Experience, and some Classic pages will begin to look like those in the Lightning Experience.

For help with deciding if the Lightning Experience is for you, check out

2. Matching Gifts

The new ‘matching gifts’ feature allows nonprofits to connect individual donors to organizations that match their donations.

For example, if I were to run a fundraising campaign for your cause, and Media Cause matched every dollar I raised, you would be able to connect me (as an individual donor) to Media Cause (as an organization) for this particular donation.

This is a very cool feature and has huge potential for all nonprofits with a company match strategy.

3. Partial Soft Credits

The new ‘partial soft credits’ feature allows nonprofits to attribute the right amount of credit to the right individual. This is helpful for managing complex donations and distributing credit across multiple people. There are two options:

  • By amount or percent
  • Allow more than total amount (e.g. when for a household you want to have soft credit go to multiple household members, so the total would be more than the actual donation)

4. In-Kind & Honor / Memorial Gifts

You can now track even more types of donations. And if a donation is made in memory of someone who has passed away, you can capture contact information for the family of the deceased, which will be helpful when the time comes to send a thank you card.

  • In-Kind donation gift type: The value of the gift is not reported in the same way as cash donations. You can determine if/how these are to be included in roll-ups.
  • Tribute Gift (Honor/Memorial Gift): You can capture honoree information as well as individual contacts.


Administrators will need to edit settings to begin using these features, and these settings will apply to the whole organization. More information about these settings can be found under ‘Power of Us Hub > Knowledge’.

If you have a Salesforce login, you can ask questions about these features in this release announcement group.

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