Rally Starter: Releases New Advocacy Platform Built to Take Social Change Beyond Petitions

SAN FRANCISCO — Developed by Media Cause, Rally Starter releases digital advocacy tools to help nonprofits, advocacy groups, and community organizers better mobilize their networks to influence decision-makers and create change.

Rally Starter’s mission is to mobilize communities and make it easier to build movements that benefit humanity. Rally Starter created a set of advocacy tools and a digital organizing platform for both nonprofits and passionate community organizers. With a growing interest in social justice, their hope is to make advocacy easier and more effective by offering complex advocacy tools like customizable click-to-call functionality and contact congress campaigns just as easy and cheap as creating a petition. 

Rally Starter was born out of a need for an affordable digital advocacy solution that is more effective than an online petition, one that brings together all the necessary tools for social justice campaigns under a single platform. Our goal is to make effective advocacy tools more accessible to more change-makers. This doesn’t just mean making them financially accessible but also making it incredibly quick and easy to launch a campaign. That is what Rally Starter is all about.” — CEO, Eric Facas

Nonprofit organizations can leverage Rally Starter to create comprehensive advocacy campaigns with coordinated actions including phone calls, emails, boycotts, and social media actions—creating a centralized campaign. 

The platform has been built to be accessible to all. Rapid response is needed at times when doing advocacy work—which is why Rally Starter was designed to be fast and easy to create an account, build a campaign, and embed it into your website in a matter of minutes.

With the recent world events, a platform like Rally Starter is more vital than ever. Organizations have a responsibility to equip organizations with the tools and resources needed to create meaningful change, which is why Rally Starter is launching today. 

Rally Starter believes in the power of people, which is why the platform is free for anyone who wants to create a campaign. They hope racial justice organizations, Black Lives Matter, and any organizations on the frontlines, will take advantage of this free tool. 

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