Nonprofit Website Design

Your website serves as the digital headquarters for your nonprofit. It’s where you share important news and updates with supporters and give them opportunities to take action. 

From full website redesigns and large scale content migrations to more targeted updates and ongoing maintenance, our nonprofit website design services are here to help your team develop the right solutions and build an impactful website.

Our Approach to Website Design

We know nonprofit organizations have unique website needs, and we’re committed to finding ways to achieve the most scalable, efficient solutions possible within limited available budgets.

We create websites, platforms, pages, and content that not only amplify your message, but also provide users with long-term opportunities—and immediate actions—to help accelerate your mission. 

We offer a variety of standard website solutions but can also craft custom solutions for your exact project needs. Through our cross-departmental expertise, we’ll partner with you to plan a website that looks and functions great, with smart nonprofit strategy baked into every decision.

Our Website Design + Development Services

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Website Audit

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Website Development

Visual Design

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Search Engine Optimization + Content Strategy

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Website Deployment + Quality Assurance

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Maintenance + Optimizations

FAQ About Website Services at Media Cause

We’re platform agnostic when it comes to CMS platforms, and will work to find the right platform that best fits your needs. That being said, we often use WordPress, and are experts with the platform.

We have a wide range of pricing based on the robustness of the website.

Smaller sites are usually priced in the $20-30k range, medium/larger ones starting at $30k with final cost estimates determined based on complexity, and larger scale website projects with many pages and greater functionality needs often start around $50k, including efforts to do proper discovery, SEO optimization, full design development and testing. It’s best to contact us for full pricing details.

As a full service agency, we can help with all of your website design needs, from video to custom graphics to even a full brand redesign to accompany.

Yes, in fact, we have a whole department dedicated to SEO support.