Marketing Technology for Nonprofits

Marketing technology, known as MarTech, is the back end of all your digital marketing. It encompasses the technology you use to collect data and reach your donors, track your ad conversions, send emails, and implement platforms—all the tools that help move your mission forward.


Marketing technology for nonprofits is essential for developing well-planned and executed marketing campaigns. MarTech can nurture supporters, drive donations, and keep your donor data safe. It’s no longer a nice-to-have but a vital element for any nonprofit organization intent on growth.

Our Approach to Marketing Technology

Every organization has its own set of technology platforms it uses to achieve its mission: yours is no different. 

Good technology is essential to drive impact, and poor technology can lead to staff burnout. Our Martech services can help take manual work off your team’s plate so they can focus on what they do best—impacting your mission.

Our services can help you:
  1. Do more with less (Marketing Automation Planning and Setup)
  2. Gain a holistic view of your supporters (CRM Implementation)
  3. Use technology to drive more impact, not hold your mission back
  4. Enable better tracking of your most important success metrics

Our main goal is to make your technology work for you. We’ll evaluate, integrate, and optimize your entire technology “stack” to meet the needs of your organization and supporters. 

Our marketing technology services will help your nonprofit communicate with donors and ensure their data is kept safe, all while helping your team work more efficiently. We value your supporter’s privacy above all else and advocate for user-centric privacy policies, which help build long-term trust with your supporters.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t hold the keys to the kingdom and deny you access to your own properties. We firmly believe your organization should control the technology it pays for, and staff should fully understand how to use each tool.

Platform Expertise

We are technology enthusiasts and have experience across an array of nonprofit (and for-profit) software. No matter what technology you use, odds are, our team has used it too. We have expertise in 40+ platforms and multiple agency certifications.

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Marketing Technology Services FAQ

Quite simply, it is “marketing technology.” At Media Cause, we think of it as any piece of software you use to grow the impact of your organization. It may be a traditional email marketing tool, an advocacy solution, or a fundraising platform.

A technology stack refers to the set of software platforms that are currently in use at your organization. Depending on the organization, there may be a multitude of platforms in use by various teams that serve overlapping purposes.

If it’s used by nonprofits, chances are we’ve used it too. Because we work with organizations of all sizes, we are exposed to a broad range of technology.

Maybe! But also maybe not. It’s important to remember that technology is what you make of it. What matters most is how you set up your systems, structure your data, and take advantage of the features you have available to you.

Yes! You don’t need to panic, but you also can’t bury your head in the sand. We recommend taking practical steps to ensure your organization is prepared. When done right, you’ll deepen trust with your supporters by being transparent about the ways in which you are and are not tracking them, and being clear about how you intend to use the information they share with you.