Unexpected ideas, human-centered storytelling, and attention-grabbing designs have the power to spark thoughts, incite emotions, and drive tangible action. Strong creative strategy and design can express your brand, propel your message, and connect with your audience in a moving way. As a part of your overall communications, creative and design also influence how supporters perceive your work and your organization as a whole.

Whether it be a full scale, omnichannel campaign, a newly designed logo, or a powerful blog sharing your nonprofit’s mission, your creative and design elements help to bring your mission to life. The key is understanding how to utilize each element for the greatest possible impact.

Our Approach to Creative Strategy and Design for Nonprofits

Our creative strategy and design services will help you uncover your nonprofit’s visual identity and brand voice. We’ll begin by learning more about your audience and the actions you want your users to take in order to create designs that align with this.

Strategy, insight, and inspiration are the key pillars that guide our approach. Thanks to decades of experience in both the nonprofit and consumer spaces, we know how to combine these foundational elements to create functional yet beautiful designs that get immediate results.

We develop fully immersive creative concepts, and we do it in a way that inspires your audiences to take action today—and for years to come.

Our Creative Strategy + Design Services

Creative Strategy + Concepting

Omnichannel Marketing

Brand Design

Communication + Event Collateral

Email, Website, + Landing Page Design


Social + Display Ads

Content Writing​

Video + Audio Production

Out of Home (OOH)

Why Nonprofits Need Creative Strategy and Design

It’s important to have a strong creative and design strategy for your nonprofit—it’s often supporters’ first impression of your brand. This foundation will determine how supporters interact with and recognize your brand, whether it be an email, social ad, or blog post. 

Our creative strategy and design services can help ensure you have a cohesive visual identity. We create compelling content to keep your current audience engaged and attract new supporters. We’ll uncover what resonates best with your supporters and build a plan around that. 

All of our services are designed to equip you with the tools you need to move your mission forward.

Creative + Design FAQ

Yes! You can check out some of our work here and here.

Collaborating with creative teams can be a little different than working with other agency teams. But don’t worry, we’re incredibly nice people, and most importantly: we’ve always got your back. Here are a few tips.

Yes, we are able to support website redesigns from both a creative and tech standpoint. Learn more here and check out an example of our work here and here.

Yes! In fact, we have an entire service dedicated to this topic, see more here.