Advertising can encompass many parts of your marketing strategy, from paid social ads to out-of-home placements. A strong paid media campaign will get your message in front of the right audience. 

Digital advertising services play a key role in pushing your mission forward—even a small investment can help move the needle. These services can help your nonprofit boost visibility, generate leads, and raise more funds.

Our Approach to Advertising for Nonprofits

We focus on creating audience-centric strategies to set you up for success. Your target audience should define your paid media strategy and, ultimately, which platforms you choose and creative you serve. 

Our team is comprised of experts who keep a constant pulse on innovative media solutions and industry trends. We have built relationships with a long list of vendors and executed campaigns across a wide range of media, from social and search to programmatic, native, and video solutions. This expertise gives us the background to help with all your advertising needs. 

Our process starts by gaining a focused understanding of your audiences to develop a plan to reach them with the right message, in the right place, at the right time. Organizations benefit from targeting the same audience across multiple channels to help reinforce their message and build a relationship with the user over time—and our approach is centered around this idea.

We use data to keep a close eye on what’s working—and what’s not— throughout the campaign to update, optimize, and ensure your media buy has the greatest impact. Data isn’t just important for understanding the end result —it takes ongoing testing to truly understand the best recipe for success.

Our Advertising Services

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Media Planning

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Campaign Setup + Execution

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Ongoing Ad Management

Benefits of Advertising for Nonprofits

While traditional out-of-home and print ads still exist, most advertising now expands far beyond this. Ads now appear as social media posts, sponsored articles, streaming platform spots, and much more.


Advertising is essential for any nonprofit organization looking to expand their audience. In the era of all things digital, paid media is the best way for nonprofits to reach a new audience. Advertising can help your nonprofit gain new supporters, share your message to a wider audience, and move your mission forward.