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Nonprofit Storytelling with Comics and Infographics

Have you ever experimented with visual storytelling for your nonprofit? Take a look at these ideas on how to use infographics, comics and illustrations to promote your group’s cause.

Visual storytelling has become increasingly important in the age of social media. With so many individuals and organizations vying for attention in social media feeds, it’s crucial to share eye-catching visuals to draw attention to your nonprofit’s content. Visual stories can be used for promotional, educational, and fundraising purposes. In addition to sharing striking multimedia essays, consider creating infographics, comic strips, and illustrations to share your organization’s stories.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to share a story as an infographic or a comic strip, think about the amount of information you need to share as well as the content of the information. If there is a lot of numerical data in your story, an infographic will be the best format, as you can see from the example below:

Kerry_infographic-2But if your story has a plot – or if you can develop a plot – go for an illustration or comic strip. The illustration below is an example of how an environmental nonprofit can showcase the various issues that it addresses – climate change, fracking, water pollution, antibiotics in livestock –  in comic format. Simply listing all of those issues won’t be as eye-catching or memorable as an image of a superhero flying around to protect the environment.

Comic created by Lena Feng
Comic created by Lena Feng

Regardless of which format you choose, make sure not to load the graphic or comic with too much information. Select and use only the top five points you want to convey in the story. If your nonprofit can’t afford to hire a professional designer to create a comic strip or an infographic, use these free and low-cost digital tools to create your own:



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