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OPENING: Nonprofit Marketing Agency Washington D.C. Office

On October 1, Media Cause expanded our presence in Washington with the opening of our new DC HQ. Located in the iconic M.A. Winter Building, it has been fertile ground for impact as a home to Greenpeace and Environmental Working Group. For Media Cause, it gives us a base for our expanding services in Advocacy and Fundraising, but also allows us to continue attracting top talent Washington is known for.

Our expansion in Washington also allows us to continue to integrate our services internally by focusing on larger constituent/supporter journeys that will help clients break down the silos that exist between programs, advocacy team, development staff and marketing teams. We will also move forward with a strategic initiative to white label our digital services to partners in DC. For too long, direct mail and strategic communications firms have looked at digital agencies as competition. We take a different view, because we look at the supporter as the most important part of the strategy. In taking that approach, we know they are connecting with causes, missions and organizations across multiple touchpoints. Our goal with our white label service is to provide other agencies a full offering of digital services that can be integrated into your current offering. Are you currently not offering digital or looking to build that team out? We want to be your digital nonprofit marketing agency in Washington DC.  Our team is now your team.


We are committed to growing your impact

With an energy all its own, Washington DC is the perfect fit for the impact we are trying to create through our services: Advocacy, Fundraising, Marketing, Brand & Creative and, Technology. No other place in the world are so many impact driven professionals concentrated. But fair warning, Media Cause does things a little differently than the established culture of DC. We’re not the “fall into line” type of agency. Our team is built with experts from the nonprofit sector, technologist out of Silicon Valley, creative talent directly from the consumer world. Media Cause attracts the best talent from all sectors to create and implement strategies that change the world. We like to cut to the chase and get down to business. We also believe in partnerships. Real partnership, where you can remove the pretense and speak candidly about what needs to get done. Any of our 100s of clients over the past nine years can attest that if you want the dog & pony show go elsewhere, but if you want data-driven results and innovative thinking then we should be your first/last call. 


Now that you know where are here – REACH OUT! If you are an organization that is looking to scale your digital efforts or maybe you are just getting started and need the support of a team of experts based in DC. Perhaps you’re a direct mail firm that is losing out on work, because of a lack of digital offering – we’re your new digital shop. We’re also looking for the best and brightest DC has to offer to come join us. 

You found us, now let’s get to work.


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