Nonprofit Marketing Agency Opens In Toronto

Media Cause is jubilant to announce the opening of our first office in Canada, near Bloor and St. George Streets in downtown Toronto. Over the past year we’ve had the pleasure of working with several Canadian nonprofit organizations, including Canadian Wildlife Federation, and with this expansion to the north, we are excited to introduce our unique approach to nonprofit digital marketing to even more organizations in Canada.

As a nonprofit marketing agency, Media Cause is focused on helping you fulfill your mission by utilizing digital tools to reach new audiences and build and maintain solid relationships with your supporters. How do we do this? We call it the Media Cause Approach.

Our model looks to bring the user into the center of communication where they can be engaged on multiple digital platforms. We believe digital technologies allow us to build two-way relationships with Canadian and global audiences that are more meaningful and ultimately more beneficial to nonprofit organizations. Digital technologies, when coordinated with relevantly targeted messages, allow nonprofits to compete for impression share in the attention economy. We also believe nonprofits have a strategic advantage in the digital space, because there is something more than a purchase driving interaction. The notions of social good, of giving back, or being apart of a community allow nonprofits to build large audiences on email and social networks. Building, managing, and optimizing these touch points are essential for any nonprofit that relies on public participation — be it donations, volunteering, or advocacy work.  When reaching out to a country as geographically and demographically vast as Canada, the Media Cause approach can help nonprofits to galvanize support and maintain immediate contact with new and existing followers within your target audience.    

If you are in the market for a nonprofit marketing agency with a Canadian perspective, or if you just want to find out more about Media Cause and the work we do, then, by all means, reach out to us. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee and talk shop… and maybe even change the world together.



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