Screenshot of message notifying NPCA's canceled Google + event

Nonprofit Digital Strategy During A Government Shutdown

The U.S. government shutdown is in effect. If your nonprofit is impacted by the shutdown, it is very important to reach out to your digital community to let them know of any disruptions in service.

One organization to learn from is the National Parks Conservation Association. This morning I received an email about a cancelled Google+ Hangout event. I had not planned to attend the event, but NPCA proactively took time to notify people about the cancellation.

Screenshot of post on National Parks Conservation Association's Google+ page
Screenshot of post on National Parks Conservation Association Google+ page.

Seven minutes later, I received another email in my inbox informing me that the organization will have a live statement about the event via Google Hangout. Perfect. NPCA found a way to reach out twice this morning in spite of a shutdown that will impact their ability to connect with their supporters. Kudos to the organization for turning lemons into lemonade.

Screenshot of message about NPCA's live statement about the shutdown
Screenshot of message about NPCA’s live statement about the shutdown

What is your nonprofit’s digital strategy during the government shutdown? Send us a tweet @mediacause or leave a comment below.


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