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Nonprofit Crowdfunding: 3 Tips for Fundraising Success

Crowdfunding is no longer reserved exclusively for small tech startups. Nonprofit organizations have started using this popular form of fundraising to extend their reach and to find new donors. Here are some tips to make your nonprofits crowd funding campaign a success.

1.) Set a Clear Goal for your fundraising campaign

Define a specific amount of money your organization wants to raise. This amount should be attainable so make sure it fits with the overall goals of your nonprofit. Also take into consideration the length of the crowd funding campaign. Short-term campaigns can generate a surge of donations in a shorter period of time but requires dedication, focus, and advanced planning. Long-term campaigns bring in a steady stream of donations but will not convey the same sense of urgency shorter campaigns have.

2.) Cultivate A Community Around Your Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign

To make your crowdfunding efforts a success, your nonprofit must identify and target the specific audience you are trying to capture. A great way to get people to be more involved with your organization is by learning how to use Twitter lists, Facebook groups, and building quality email lists.  By building an exclusive community you will empower these people to become ambassadors for your organization, which will increase your reach and potentially recruit more donation dollars.

3.) Create A Great Story that has potential to go viral

Your team should develop a solid messaging strategy that will resonate with your audience and communicate what services your organization provides. People want to hear about the social impact that their donations will have. A one- to two-minute long video is long enough to build a story to trigger an emotional response, but short enough to keep the attention of your audience. Leverage your social media profiles to create a viral marketing campaign. Here’s a short video made by The Door that effectively builds an emotional connection with the audience while providing insight into the mission of the organization.  

Ready to start fundraising via crowdfunding? Take a look at these nonprofit crowdfunding sites:

This site offers a wide range of tools for nonprofit organizations and individuals to plan, manage and evaluate the results of their fundraising campaigns. is an online fundraising platform that offers an easy and customizable way to build your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns and to get your donors, supporters, and volunteers involved in your campaign efforts. is a crowdfunding and resource organizing platform designed for connecting volunteers and donors to nonprofit organizations in their local neighborhoods.

Your nonprofit organization can use this crowd funding platform to create your own fundraising site, build personal and team fundraising pages, and process online donations.

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