March 31

Nonprofit COVID-19 Resources

Here at Media Cause, we’ve been strategizing with our clients and other organizations across various issue areas on their evolving needs—whether it be resetting communication plans, digitizing events, pivoting towards digital mobilization, or equipping them with an extra set of hands by embedding a Media Cause team member within their team.

We’re here to help. We have curated many free and ongoing resources below. Meanwhile, our staff is geared up to take on new clients and more resource-intensive projects and invite you to check out our services and get in touch.


COVID-19 Resources




Donor Retention in the Age of COVID-19 

Listen to Media Cause’s Fundraising Experts, Dan Reed and Elyse Wallnutt. During this recording, we’ll help you focus in on achieving success in retaining and upgrading donors, from the lens of stewardship, mission focus, and meaningful lead nurturing.

Strengthen Your Digital Mobilization in the Time of Coronavirus

Media Cause and our partner SalsaLabs held this webinar (video available here) to help you pivot towards a digital-first mobilization strategy in the time of coronavirus—and get your team organized to keep the mission moving forward.


COVID-19 Blog Posts


How to Adjust Your Nonprofit’s Communication and Events During the Spread of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 has many unexpected challenges physically, mentally, and professionally. In this blog, we break down where to begin. There are a lot of ways to slice and dice this, but we’ve broken it down into three phases: adjusting your communications strategy, handling event cancellations & location closures, and asking for support to offset funding challenges

Retaining Donors Who Give in Times of Crisis

For nonprofit organizations, times of national distress — and in the case of COVID-19, international distress — come with the added difficulty of understanding how to deliver on your mission and raise the funds you need. Historically, these “emergency” donors can be difficult to retain in future years.

Strengthen Your Digital Mobilization in the Time of Coronavirus

If your organization typically relies on in-person events and one on one communications to deliver information, inspire action, and drive advocacy, these next few weeks may be extra challenging.  We’ve put together some thoughts, ideas, and tips to help you start to pivot toward a digital-first mobilization strategy in the time of coronavirus—and equip your teams to keep running.

How Nonprofit Health Organizations Should Respond to COVID-19

In this post, we’ll share a simple approach to how your patient organization can meet your community’s needs during this public health crisis. In doing so, you will build deeper relationships with your community, increase loyalty to your organization, showcase your organization’s capabilities, and grow your organization’s influence.

Media Cause Hot Takes: Working from Home

As we all practice social distancing, many companies are finding themselves in new territories— working from home. Here are some tips and tricks on how to successfully work from home.

How Brands & Organizations Are Talking About COVID-19

With Coronavirus impacting everybody’s life, we decided to take a look at how brands have responded to the current crisis. From the role that design can play in times of epidemics to email marketing used as a vessel to send virtual resources, as well as fundraising and advocacy initiatives, we take a 360 look at the current marketing landscape.


If your organization is looking for additional support, the Media Cause team is prepared to dive into more resources intensive projects. Our staff is geared up to take on new clients, challenges, and strategies. We are offering one-on-one consulting for organizations with smaller teams and rapid deployment of new campaigns and projects for organizations that have the resources and needs to implement marketing, fundraising, and advocacy communications immediately.

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