New Year, New You?

Welcome to 2020! I know. It’s already here. And we already know it’s going to be wild. You likely just survived some awkward political conversations around the holidays, so we won’t dive into how in-between the upcoming Democratic primaries and 2020 general election will dominate the news, instead, let’s focus on you!

What do you want out of this year? Each of our Media Cause offices has a plaque that reads “What good shall I do today?” take it a step back, what good will you do this year, with your 366 days (Leap Year, baby!)? What impact would you, as an individual human, like to make?

If this sounds daunting, good. It means you want to make some big moves. 

First, break your goals up into categories. Spice up your career, build a stronger social life, get on finances in order, maybe get some health stuff on track (are you really drinking enough water?) or reevaluate your relationship with social media. Don’t go overboard and say yes to all of those, you’ll get overwhelmed and won’t be able to focus on meaningful outcomes. Just pick a few that really tug on your heartstrings. 

Then take it a step further and ask yourself why are these the areas you want to focus on. If you understand why you want to make changes, the likelihood of you staying the course improves dramatically. Really drill down to get to the important stuff to figure out what motivates you. It’s Psychology 101. 

Great! Now that you have your areas of focus (and why they’re your areas of focus), you can break each category up into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can track during the year. Remember not all impact is linear, take a class that’s outside your traditional continuing education curriculum, like stand up or pottery, and see how it can impact your work life. Not everything will work like a charm, but by testing new things, you’re also learning what doesn’t work, which in some cases is just as important. 

Wait – KPIs? Testing? Am I trying to make your life like advertising, applying the same logic and analytics that we use in evaluating successful campaigns to your goals, hopes and dreams? 

Why yes, yes I am. 

And why not? The logic works! By keeping your big-picture goals in mind, you can set up smaller steps that show progress and success along the way, conversely, these KPIs can also show areas where you may need to pivot and change course over the year. No point pouring good AdGrants money after a poorly performing keyword, right? Same goes for your life. Check-in often, make changes as needed to get you closer to your goals. 

As you attain those big goals (and trust me, you will) set new ones that take it a step further. You have a whole year ahead of you (plus that bonus day!) to make great things happen, do yourself a favor and start by taking a beat now to really figure out where you want to go, and more importantly why. 

We have big things to do to make this world an awesome place.


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