Social Media Updates Nonprofits

New Social Media Updates Nonprofits Should Know About

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are constantly making updates to their platforms, but in July we saw several new social media updates nonprofits should know about. Those new features are the new Facebook Save button, a much-needed bookmarking tool; the new tweet activity dashboard, Twitter’s new analytics; and Pinterest’s new Follow button.

Read further to learn more about each feature and how your nonprofit organization can benefit from them.

New Facebook Save Button

News sources have been reporting Facebook’s new Save button since March, and it’s finally rolling out! The Save button allows users to bookmark any post on Facebook to view later. All saved posts will be accessible through a button on a user’s homepage and will be categorized as links, places, music, or books. If a user saves an item and forgets about it, Facebook will occasionally serve a notification reminder.

How can your nonprofit benefit from Facebook Save?

This Facebook Save button should be especially good news to nonprofits that run an active blog. It has always been that when a nonprofit shares a blog post on Facebook, the nonprofit’s fans may or may not read it depending if they have the time at that very moment. Now a nonprofit’s Facebook fans can simply save it to enjoy later at their leisure.

New Tweet Activity Dashboard

On July 18, Twitter launched a new tweet activity dashboard, a great improvement in its organic analytics. This enhanced dashboard provides new metrics that will be useful to any community manager on Twitter. Some of those new metrics include impressions, URL clicks, hashtag clicks, and embedded media clicks. Before the update, the only metrics available for export were retweets, replies, and favorites.

Social Media Updates Nonprofits

How can your nonprofit leverage the new Twitter analytics?

The new Twitter analytics can help nonprofits better achieve their goals on Twitter. If a nonprofit’s goal on Twitter is to drive website traffic, for example, its community manager can now track which tweets drive the most URL clicks, and then optimize future tweets to drive as much website traffic as possible. Similarly, if the goal on Twitter is to build awareness around the cause or the nonprofit, Twitter’s new Impressions metric allows for community managers to optimize for impressions.

If you would like to learn more on how exactly to optimize your nonprofit’s Twitter for impressions or website traffic, email us at connect[at]mediacause[dot]org with subject line “Help optimizing Twitter.”

Individuals and brands that have previously advertised on Twitter can view the new tweet activity dashboard at

New Pinterest Follow Button

Very similar to Facebook’s Like and Twitter’s Follow buttons, Pinterest’s new Follow button allow website visitors to stay on-site to follow the brand on Pinterest, as opposed to directing them off-site to When clicked, the new Pinterest Follow button opens a pop-up that lets website visitors preview an organization’s latest pins and follow its Pinterest page without ever leaving the organization’s website.

Should your nonprofit add this button to its website?

There’s no reason a nonprofit that is active on Pinterest should not add Pinterest’s new Follow button on its website. If you’re unsure where to put such buttons – for example, if your nonprofit already has links directing visitors to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – we suggest adding these Follow buttons to your nonprofit’s Get Involved page. Add a Pinterest button to your website by visiting the Pinterest Follow builder.

What new social media updates is your nonprofit excited about? What other ways will your nonprofit leverage these new features? Share with us in the comments below.


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