Google Ad Grant: It’s Time to Update Your Ad Format

Come January 31st, all AdWords accounts must follow Google’s new ad format.

Google has expanded its traditional search ads to improve the user’s experience specifically on mobile devices. Search ads have more characters and freedom on how you want to structure the ads. For example, the description is now one big section vs. two smaller lines.

Google AdWords ad format

  • Take inventory : Which campaigns are active and where are they driving traffic? Use this opportunity to check old URLs and make sure that there are no broken links or redirects.
  • Map out all your ads : Mapping out your ads within an excel doc will help organize which campaigns needs to be updated and keep track of the characters used. As a starting point, export out all your existing ads. (Sample doc)

Google AdWords Planning

  • Use keyword insertion : With additional characters, test using keyword insertions. This will help make your ads a bit more dynamic.
  • Data, Data, Data : Be sure to keep track of everything. If you have an older grant account that is full of historical data, it will be important not to “shock” the account and do the updates in phases. 
  • Check Google Analytics : Make sure you continue to drive quality traffic to your website. Check bounce rates and time on site.
  • A/B Test : Update your best-performing ads to the new ad format and see how they perform. Don’t turn off old ads just yet so that you can see how they perform against each other. This will help you test and fine-tune ad copy.

Good news is that the new ad format has been driving lower CPC and higher CTR rates. Once you update the account, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. Google Grants Pro is currently closed to new applicants. If you have a Grants Pro account, be sure to follow all the rules and regulations. You don’t want to lose $40,000 in free advertising.


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