New Google Ad Grant Policies: Stay in Compliance With These Tips

Attention nonprofits! If you haven’t heard, Google recently released a new set of policies for its Ad Grant AdWords program. Understanding these new Google Ad Grant policies is critical to keeping your account healthy and active. Here is a recap of the most important new Ad Grant policies to be aware in order to steer clear of account deactivation. This blog post is a MUST READ for any organization with a Google AdWords Ad Grant or anyone who manages a Google AdWords Ad Grant account.

Here are the top 5 need-to-know changes:

  1. Keywords and queries that are no longer permitted:

  • Branded keywords that you don’t own, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Names of newspapers
  • Other organizations
  • Single-word keywords
  • Generic keywords like “free videos,” “download games,” names of places and names of historical events/people.
  • Keywords with a quality score of 2 or less
    • Learn more about your quality score here
  1. Ad Grant accounts must have specific geo-targeting to show ads in locations relevant to your nonprofit.

  2. Ad Grants AdWords accounts must have:

    • At least 2 active ad groups per campaign each containing a set of closely related keywords and 2 active text ads
    • At least 2 sitelink ad extensions
  1. All Ad Grants AdWords accounts must maintain a 5% click-through rate each month.

  • If the click-through rate requirement isn’t met for 2 consecutive months, your account will be cancelled. You can request your account be reactivated after you’ve adjusted your keywords to bring it into compliance.

NOTE: You can pause your AdWords campaigns and use AdWords Express, which automatically structures your account if you cannot meet the requirements above.

  1. Google will send an annual Ad Grants program survey which you MUST respond to in order to participate in the program (your account will be canceled otherwise).

  • Completing the survey will initiate a review for account reinstatement that will take up to 10 business days.
  • Ensure that the email address used for notifications is opted into receiving emails from AdWords to receive this email!

Read the full set of policy changes here. We’ve created a checklist to help your account remain healthy, active, and compliant. Download it below!

Ad Grant Policy Checklist

Looking for help staying in compliance and effectively managing your Google Ad Grant Adwords account? Get in touch! We’d love to help.


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