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Impact of New Domain Extensions on Google Ad Grants

New domain extensions – .education, .health, .eco, .foundation and more – are coming soon. How will this affect your nonprofit’s Google Ad Grants?

So, you’re pre-registered and you’re super excited to show off your new domain to the whole world. Good for you! Now what? Do you change your entire brand to reflect the new .blog extension? Are you willing the change years of URL establishment for a shiny new and untested domain?

Your organic search results will likely reflect the .org domain for another three months. And your organic rankings will also likely suffer due to the inconsistent changes you’ve made. Bah! But you’ve built your nonprofit from the ground up, and you can do it again if you must, right? I like your attitude. Here is the real kicker though – you are about to get permanently kicked out of the Google Ad Grants program.

Remember when you applied (and then had to re-apply) for Google Ad Grants? You had to list your domain and agree to the condition that it would be the only URL you use for your organization. With the exception of sub-domains (variations on the www.), you are 100 percent stuck on using this domain for as long as you want the free monthly $10,000 for advertising on Google.

This shouldn’t deter you from buying that new domain extension – by all means grab it! But leave your poor website alone. Simply use the new URL as a superficial redirect.


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