Facebook Reach is Down? Here’s What You Should Do

By now, everyone has seen a drop in their Facebook reach. Due to Facebook’s newest algorithm, Facebook’s reach has dropped, leaving many nonprofits scratching their heads. What now?

Over the years, nonprofits have relied on Facebook to grow and interact with their communities. However, Facebook’s new algorithm has now made it increasingly harder and more expensive, as we all know. Although Facebook seems to be out of touch with nonprofits, it’s not quite time to abandon ship just yet. Hopefully with a few tweaks to your nonprofit digital strategy, your nonprofit won’t suffer and you can continue to grow and engage with your community.

What can I do on Facebook?

Now more than ever social media data is your most valuable tool. Understanding, what works and what doesn’t work is your greatest advantage to gain reach. First, see what content works best. This can be done within Facebook analytics. Secondly, what time(s) work best with you audience? Utilize those times to interact with your community. Find out what works best and develop a new content calendar and strategy. The better the content the more engagement, more engagement the more reach. Check out our blog post on tools to track data.

Check out more Facebook tips here. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Try using targeted post and see if they resonate better with your target audience.

What can I do off Facebook?

Since Facebook reach is down, other elements of your nonprofit digital strategy may suffer. Website traffic or blog traffic may be down as a result of it. Try testing other platforms, services or strategies.

1. Try using other platforms to share content. Maybe your target audience is on other platforms such as Twitter or Google+. Use these platforms to offset the decrease in reach on Facebook.

2. Try implementing a new email strategy. You can create a monthly or weekly newsletter to engage your community.

3. Apply for a Google Ad Grant or increase the usage of the one you already have. Use the grant to drive traffic to your website or to other landing pages. Google for Nonprofit just reinstated their Google Grantspro program granting nonprofits $40,000 of free AdWords Advertising a month. This is a great opportunity to reach your target audience.

Just because Facebook reach is down, does not mean your digital strategy is dead. Review your data find out what works on Facebook and continue doing it. Test and try new strategies to reach your audience.

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