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Media Cause Wins 4 Addy Awards

It’s with great pleasure to share Media Cause has won four Addy Awards in San Francisco and Atlanta for our outstanding creativity for the work accomplished for the Oceanic Preservation Society, American Kennel Club, Ceres, and our holiday gift: Cards for Humanity.

The Oceanic Preservation Society and AKC won Silver, while Ceres and Cards for Humanity took home bronze.


OPSOceanic Preservation Society (OPS) – Website Redesign

The Problem: Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) needed a website that showcased their incredible content while communicating their mission and impact.

They have a wealth of amazing content that documents humankind’s formidable impact on the environment in order to empower individuals and activists everywhere to protect our planet. Their current website didn’t do a good job showcasing their important work and provided a confusing user experience.

Our challenge: Media Cause needed to design a site that was user-friendly, making their content easily discoverable while reflecting their impact and focus areas in the design.

Our Solution: The new site follows a beautiful sky-to-ocean theme, developing deeper blues the further down the page you scroll, just as though you’re diving in the ocean. The graduated blue colors continue as accents throughout the site, in button designs, overlays, and rollovers. The site design became part of the story of the OPS brand itself, helping to tell the narrative of the organization’s experience, content, and impact.

Here’s the full strategy, results, and development of the OPS website.



Ceres Annual ReportCeres – Annual Report

Our challenge: The report we helped them organize and design needed to communicate their plan, and the complex concepts within it, to everyone from individual funders to corporate CEOs. To do this, we needed to find a way to ensure the information wouldn’t feel overwhelming or inaccessible.


Design would play a major role to support the flow of their story and draw attention to key elements— ultimately, motivating individuals across industries to join Ceres on the path to a more sustainable economy.

Our Solution: What came together was a thirty-page plan, suitable for digital or print consumption that did more than inspire change, it created a pathway forward. Investors, industry leaders and scientists alike could read the document and recognize the connectivity of their worlds, and how they all needed to work together to save our planet.



Puppy PackAmerican Kennel Club – Puppy Pack

Our Problem: American Kennel Club wanted to find a creative way to give dog-lovers a peek into the good, the bad, and the sometimes unexpected journey of raising a puppy, which lead to the campaign concept, “Puppy Pack.”

Puppy Pack

Our challenge: While Puppy Pack would have a story, and a following, all its own, there was one little hiccup to solve. On a social feed that’s ENTIRELY dog photos and videos, how could we make Puppy Pack stand out?

Our Solution: The illustrations included the pup’s name, characteristics, and general archetype to give the AKC’s audience an idea of what each of the puppies’ personalities had in store, and were used to launch and promote the Puppy Pack series with dog-lovers everywhere.

The illustrations were such a hit online that the AKC used them in print for trading cards, complete with puppy stats, mailable postcards and buttons.


Media Cause – Cards for Humanity

Our challenge: As a digital agency that works toward social change and creating more good in the world, coming up with an appropriate holiday gift is difficult. While we want to support all of the causes that we find important, we can’t play favorites and look like we’re not supporting all of our clients equally.

We wanted to find something that really summarized the year, but looking back, we saw that 2019 was a grab bag of chaos.

Our Solution: Cards for Humanity… We identified the feeling we were trying to convey with our holiday gift. It should be a celebration, a reason to gather to build community, and a rallying cry that we can do great things in the world. We also wanted to highlight the incredible work our clients do day in and day out, as well as highlight the amazing culture Media Cause has created.

Learn more about Cards for Humanity.


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