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Media Cause Wins 3 Hermes

It’s with great pleasure to share Media Cause has won three Hermes Awards for our outstanding creativity and strategic work accomplished for the American Kennel Club and Pathfinder International.

Pathfinder International won Gold for their year-end fundraising campaign, and the American Kennel Club won two Platinum awards for their “If It Barks, It’s AKC” Campaign.


Pathfinder – Nonprofit Campaign

Our Problem: Pathfinder International is an organization that champions sexual and reproductive health and rights by mobilizing communities to forge their own path to a healthier future.

With their global reach, they need funds to carry out their important work. While we consistently work with them on their efforts, year-end is an important time due to increased ad costs, and elevated competition of catching the attention of potential donors over the crowded holiday season.

Our Solution: Our end of year campaign series was broken into multiple phases, beginning by establishing an overarching theme of courage, and looking back upon 2019 to spotlight programmatic successes and the important work Pathfinder could accomplish with the support of its donors. The campaign showcased the ways in which a single donor’s gift will enhance Pathfinder’s mission in the year to come, especially with Rohingya refugees.

We leveraged a multi-channel approach across Pathfinder’s website, email, and digital advertising channels.

If it BarksAmerican Kennel Club – If It Barks, It’s AKC 

AKC has won two platinum Hermes for their “If It Barks,” winning for Creative Campaign and Audio Campaign.

Our challenge: What do goats, cows, and pangolins (??) have in common? They’re all clearly NOT dogs. So if you have questions about them, don’t bother asking the American Kennel Club (AKC). But if you DO need to know anything about your favorite canine companion—for instance, why your boxer scoots his bum across your carpet, or your rescue terrier-mix likes to steal your favorite underwear—the 135-year old not-for-profit organization has you covered.

Our Solution: Based on insights from our target audiences’ mindsets and behaviors, we used a strategic mix of humor and education to position the organization as a trusted, accessible, expert resource for all dogs and their owners – regardless of breed or background.

Check out the full campaign. 


Spotify Campaign 




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