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Media Cause Wins 3 AVA Awards

It’s with great pleasure to share Media Cause has won three AVA awards for our outstanding creativity for the work accomplished for the Oceanic Preservation Society, American Kennel Club, and our very own website rebuild.

The Oceanic Preservation Society won Platinum, the highest achievement, and AKC and our new website won second place with Gold Awards.


Oceanic Preservation Society OPS Wins Platinum AVA Award

The Problem: Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) needed a website that showcased their incredible content while communicating their mission and impact.

They have a wealth of amazing content that documents humankind’s formidable impact on the environment in order to empower individuals and activists everywhere to protect our planet. Their current website didn’t do a good job showcasing their important work and provided a confusing user experience.

Our challenge: Media Cause needed to design a site that was user-friendly, making their content easily discoverable while reflecting their impact and focus areas in the design.

Our Solution: The new site follows a beautiful sky-to-ocean theme, developing deeper blues the further down the page you scroll, just as though you’re diving in the ocean. The graduated blue colors continue as accents throughout the site, in button designs, overlays, and rollovers. The site design became part of the story of the OPS brand itself, helping to tell the narrative of the organization’s experience, content, and impact.

Here’s the full strategy, results, and development of the OPS website.


AKC wins Gold AVA AwardAmerican Kennel Club

The Problem: The American Kennel Club (AKC) had a branding problem: while recognition and engagement from their core of purebred enthusiasts was strong, the 135-year old organization was having trouble connecting with a younger “adopt don’t shop” millennial audience for whom “purebred” is often seen as a dirty word.

The Challenge: Our challenge was to help these influential dog-lovers overcome AKC’s historical perception, and begin to see them as a modern, trusted, expert resource and advocate for ALL dogs—and the people who love them.

The Solution: With our reBARKeting approach in place, we started crafting visuals and storylines. The result? A seemingly “unbranded,” sequential, cross-platform campaign where seeing a “Hi, hello!” message from a pug in a banner ad triggered another “Oh, it’s you again. Wanna play fetch?” ad on Instagram, and enticed people to click through to meet the pups that had been following them around online in real life

Check out the full strategy and execution here. 

AKC wins Gold AVA AwardMedia Cause

The Challenge: As a digital agency, we understand the importance of having a well-designed, functional website, but like most agencies, we’re our own last priority.

Our Objective: When we started the redesign, we had two key objectives. First, simplify navigation. Second, we needed to tell the story of our clients’ impact because they are the reason we do what we do.

The Result: With a strategic site map, content strategy driven by SEO, and our team’s creative expertise, we now have a rebuilt website showcasing our five forces – branding, marketing, advocacy, fundraising, and technology.

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