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A Look Inside the Media Cause Fellowship Program

When I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May of 2017, I knew I wanted two things in a job:

  1. Digital marketing learning opportunities.
  2. Projects and teammates that push me to create meaningful change.

So, when I came across Media Cause, I was immediately drawn in by their mission to do good, with great people.

After checking out the website, their social channels, and reaching out to learn more, I learned that their new fellowship program was launching – an opportunity for industry newcomers to ramp up quickly in the digital marketing world. I applied, crossed my fingers, and in March 2018, I got to join Media Cause as the first Boston fellow.

Now, as my time in the program comes to an end, I’m looking back at everything I learned from working with the team and thinking: Wow, three months went by already? How did all of that happen so fast?

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my experience as the “inaugural fellow” and spending time with some of the most passionate digital marketers I know.

New to the industry? No problem – that’s the point.

First of all, one of my favorite aspects of the fellowship is that it embraces unconventional paths to the digital marketing space. As a new graduate, I was excited to get to work, but I was also “new to the industry.” While a student, I spent time interning – but not always in the digital marketing space. I had a mix of experiences working in social media, with state senators, or in public relations. And in the fellowship program, they still mattered.

At Media Cause, unique backgrounds and differing work experiences are valued – and it leads to some really interesting brainstorming sessions. (Seriously, you’d be surprised how many people on the team were yoga instructors at some point prior to their digital marketer-life.) I always feel like I’m seeing a new way of tackling a situation or goal from everyone else’s backgrounds.

Which leads me to… constant learning.

Media Cause employees learn fast. They jump into new things and make it their own. Everyone here is constantly learning – from the certifications and trainings that employees complete during on-boarding, to the several Slack channels dedicated to discussing new industry trends, relevant articles, and conferences to attend.

Digital marketing is always changing. As a result, employees at Media Cause are anything but complacent.

Team members have that passionate “start-up hustle” to think like a techie, nerd-out about problem solving, and share their learnings with others. Some of my favorite times during the program were during our bi-weekly meetings where all of the offices (Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and D.C.) got together to discuss recent client-work and what they’ve learned from a taking a new approach, or creating a unique campaign.

As a fellow, I’ve been able to get certifications in:

  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Marketing Software, and Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics – Beginner and Advanced
  • And more to come!

The best part, though? These trainings were built into my “curriculum.” My first month was dedicated to learning all of the tools and platforms that I would then dive into later.

After my trainings, I had the opportunity to work hands-on – jumping into Google Data Studio, creating email newsletter campaigns, planning social media content strategies, and helping to pitch the Media Cause story in webinars. I even contributed on some of the Media Cause start-up projects like RallyStarter, an advocacy platform that empowers real change by allowing people to contact decision makers in the government and more.

And finally, it all comes down to company culture.

For recent grads, it’s hard to know what kind of company culture you want because everything is so new. But right away, I noticed that work-life balance was actually valued at Media Cause. I was shown – not told – that it takes treating your team like family to allow them to do their best work.

Obviously, good company culture means something different to everyone. But for me, it’s the ability to pursue personal projects, passions, and hobbies simultaneously with a career. It’s the comfort in knowing that one of those things doesn’t have to be permanently sacrificed in order to improve on the other. It’s knowing that your teammates care about how you’re doing – both personally and professionally.

So, what now?

Phew – that was a lot. But how do you sum up three months of constant learning, new opportunities, and meeting some pretty awesome co-workers all into a one-page blog post? Thankfully, it isn’t over – I’m excited to join the team full-time after my experience as a fellow! Time to start changing the world with some client work, alongside great people.

Do you think the fellowship program or Media Cause might be a fit for you? Meet the team and apply!


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