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Media Cause Company Culture

We often hear the phrase “company culture,” but what does it really mean, and why does it matter?

As a small, but swiftly growing digital marketing agency, our work culture has been shaped and continues to be shaped by the talented people who join our team. While we all share a love for helping nonprofits succeed in the digital space, we have diverse interests which we pursue with as much gusto as we do in our work.

Although we utilize digital platforms, our work for nonprofits involves tackling problems in the real world – child exploitation and trafficking, climate change, domestic violence and more. It’s extremely important that we develop and implement the most effective strategies that not only generate awareness of these issues, but also provide opportunities for people to take action to address these societal and environmental concerns.

So how do we do this? The answer is our dynamic company culture, which is comprised of the following six core elements:

Collaboration across teams

We have offices in San Francisco and Boston and work with staff and clients all over the U.S. We collaborate frequently on Google Hangout and Skype. We encourage different teams to hold quick brainstorm sessions to come up with strategies that have high impact on social media for nonprofits.

Strong work ethic

We are all passionate about our work, and we work hard to stay ahead of the curve in the digital marketing space. We understand how critical it is to amplify the voices of nonprofits online, so we stay updated on the latest trends in digital media by attending conferences, connecting with other experts in the sector and keeping with the latest news and research on digital marketing for nonprofits.

Open communication channels

We value feedback – positive and negative – from everyone on staff and our clients. By keeping our communication open and honest, we can refine strategies that aren’t working and continue to push the ones that are. We also embrace creative ideas – even ones that can’t be easily executed.

Passion for social good

We care deeply about our team and our clients. We also care about the causes that our nonprofit clients focus on – this is one of the key motivators for us.

… and fun!

We understand people are more productive in comfortable work environments. We encourage our staff to have fun at work. We’ve come up with some of our best ideas while playing Wii and going to the gym.

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Interested in learning more about our work? Send us a note at connect [at] mediacause [dot] org, or a tweet at @mediacause.


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