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Is SEO Important for Nonprofits?

Are you wondering if search engine optimization (SEO) is important for nonprofits? The answer is yes! Search engine optimization can help raise awareness of your organization’s incredible mission, work, and the stories of impact you’ve made. Individuals who care about a social issue or need information about their health will likely turn to search engines such as Google to learn more.

Having your site listed within the top results on Google can increase the visibility of your site while also driving relevant, high-quality traffic. With the right content, keywords, and calls to action on your web pages, SEO is one of the best ways to spread your mission’s story. Media Cause is dedicated to helping nonprofits grow with our marketing services, including search engine optimization for nonprofits.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization refers to the strategy of improving your site’s organic traffic. Additionally, SEO focuses on increasing ranking on search engines such as Google. This includes creating high-quality content in addition to monitoring your site’s technical health, gaining backlinks, maintaining your site’s local presence, and more.

Search engines use algorithms—which are always evolving—to organize and rank content. These algorithms take over 200 ranking factors into account to decide how a page ranks in the results.

SEO can boost online donations for nonprofits

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, online donations play an extremely important role. It should be easy for your donors to give within your site and easy to find your site in the first place on Google! Optimize your donation pages by including the right keywords associated with an easy-to-follow donation process. Doing so focuses on the user experience one may have on your site while also making it easy to support your mission.

You don’t need a big budget

SEO doesn’t discriminate around size or budget. It cares about using the right keywords, and not just words your organization uses but words people use in searches. Google also wants you to use these keywords on the right pages and properly throughout your site. Marketing and advertising can be very expensive. Large corporations and even midsized businesses may have the extra money for marketing, but it’s challenging for nonprofits.

That’s where SEO can be beneficial with the help from an agency such as Media Cause. Although it does take time to keep up with the latest SEO best practices and create optimized content, we can help create a holistic and high-level strategy within your budget!

Can you benefit from SEO?

Creating a well-rounded SEO nonprofit marketing strategy can be challenging, but for nonprofits, it will pay off. If you’d like help creating an SEO plan, reach out to us today! Media Cause would be honored to help you and your mission go to the next level.


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