Introducing the Media Cause Fellowship Program


We know it’s a problem.

Advertising agencies have historically been full of white, educated males.

At Media Cause, we are committed to hiring folks from different backgrounds. If you take a look at our team, you will find that some of our employees were born outside of the US. Some were raised in bilingual households. Our company is 60% female, and our director-level staff is also 60% female.

While we are proud of the team we have built, we know there is more that can be done to increase the diversity in our offices. And as we scale, we believe that continuing to find do-gooders from different backgrounds is essential for crafting effective solutions for our clients.


To address the issue of diversity, we are launching our Fellowship Program, which aims to attract applicants from underrepresented backgrounds. Oftentimes, we connect with candidates that unfortunately don’t have the years of experience or level of expertise necessary to join our account management team, but show a great deal of potential and possess a bunch of intangibles that would help them succeed. 

Our Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for self-motivated folks without prior years of nonprofit or digital marketing experience to join our team based on their potential to ramp up quickly and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Fellows will complete a comprehensive curriculum and immerse themselves in a digital marketing culture full of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. Through mentorship and hands-on experiences, Fellows will be well-positioned to pursue their marketing career after three months with Media Cause.


Media Cause values diversity and is leading by example. Our team remains focused on accelerating the impact of organizations by capturing the attention of audiences that our clients are targeting. And what better way to accomplish this than by adding folks that represent the communities and organizations we support.

Interested in becoming a Media Cause Fellow? Apply Today.


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