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Introducing Rally Starter, a Platform to Mobilize Communities and Build Movements

This post was updated on 11.28.2022

Since our founding, Media Cause has been proud to work on the frontline of social issues for nonprofits and causes. As our team grew over the years, we found ourselves thinking about new ways to provide change-makers tools that would allow them to create impact in the 21st century.

This led us to launch Rally Starter, a project that has been a true team effort and a labor of love, with just about every person at the agency playing a role.

What is Rally Starter?

Our main goal with Rally Starter is to make it easy for anyone to recruit and mobilize groups of people with a shared passion for a social issue. Petitions and pledge-based advocacy platforms have been successful in getting larger numbers of people involved in activism, but they are not the most effective tools for creating change. With so many important issues to fight for in our current political climate, many people are looking beyond clicktivism to make a bigger impact. Rally Starter gives nonprofits and organizers the ability to create comprehensive advocacy campaigns with multiple targets and coordinated actions, including phone calls, emails, boycotts, events, and social media actions, in about the same amount of time that it takes to create a petition.    

Since the 2016 presidential election, we’ve seen more and more posts on social media with phone numbers and emails with the call to action to contact decision makers. Our aim is to make it simple and affordable for anyone to launch a multi-channel advocacy campaign that leverages social media to create awareness and recruit supporters.

How does it work?

Media Cause created Rally Starter to democratize advocacy by leveraging the power of technology and people. Rally Starter is free to use for any campaign that aligns with our values, which include: transparency, justice, democracy, sustainability, compassion, equality, and well-being. For organizations and community organizers that want to brand a Rally and grow their community outside of our platform, Media Cause offers a paid version for $49 per month.

If you would like our help with a campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear more about your idea for a Rally and explore partnership opportunities.

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