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Insights + Tips for Reducing Meeting Fatigue—Especially on Video

Let’s be honest: the last year has been challenging. For many, remote work became the norm, with much of our 8-10 hour days spent on video calls. While there are some benefits to this setup (hello yoga pants!), being tethered to video for long stretches of time also takes a mental and physical toll.

A few weeks ago, Stanford released an article on ‘Meeting Fatigue’ that hit home for our team. As a company, we reviewed the (4) tips the article shared, as well as ways Media Cause could eliminate meeting fatigue, and have started experimenting with several of the ideas.

As we recognize Stress Awareness Day (although shouldn’t every day be that?), it’s helpful to take a step back and reevaluate what we really need and where we change our habits for the better.


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