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Infographic: Best Practices for Nonprofits on Twitter

(Blog updated on February 1, 2023)

Whether you’re diving into Twitter for the first time or a frequent user, follow these guidelines to ensure your nonprofit is successful in engaging with its supporters on Twitter.

Best Practices for Nonprofits on Twitter

Mix timely + timeless content.

Share different types of content on your nonprofit’s Twitter account. Respond to breaking news, tweet evergreen content, and remember to mix it up. 

Keep it concise.

Working with 280 characters is no easy task. Keep your tweets short + sweet. Leave room for conversation to build on the platform.

Tweet frequently.

(But don’t spam) The more often you share, the more frequently your tweets will appear in your follower’s feeds. Tweet at different times of the day to help gauge when your audience is more active.

Identify key influencers.

Make a list of influential accounts and engage with them often. The right connections will help spread your nonprofit’s tweets far and wide.

Spread the love!

Retweet, mention and reply!

Twitter is all about making connections and exchanging content and ideas. Share tweets from other people and groups, and thank those who share your nonprofit’s content.

Use relevant hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way to reach new followers. Look for trending hashtags on the platform itself and use tools like to find tags for your unique audience!


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