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If You Were a Social Platform, What Would You Be?

Here at Media Cause we have a team of social media pros who are passionate about using a range of platforms and tools for social good. In a social landscape that is constantly changing and evolving, it’s our duty to keep our eye on trends, and determine which platforms will help elevate our clients’ needs.

There is one thing we all know – a “perfect” social platform does not exist. But that doesn’t stop us from being an opinionated bunch! Here are the platforms that each of us identifies with the most, and why:

Instagram Social PlatformTaylor Johnston: I’d be Instagram because…

  • As a platform, it’s clean and organized, and your attention is focused on the content, not on surrounding noise.
  • Any picture can look professional when using filters! 
  • It’s a personal platform, without being intrusive. Instagram is all about capturing the important “moments” of your life, not your day-to-day play by play, which Facebook has become.

Kristy Kosak: I’d be Twitter because…Twitter Social Platform

  • Twitter is a social butterfly that provides information on pretty much anything you want to know.
  • It has the ability to connect people who want to make change happen, regardless of social stature.
  • It also forces people to communicate exactly what they mean (thanks to a limit of 140 characters or less!) and forces them to cut the BS. (Follow her at @kkosak.)

Michelle Thai: I’d be because…

  • meetup Social PlatformI’ve made some of my closest personal and professional connections through it, including Director of Digital Strategy, Sarah Potts!
  • In the world of online connections, it brings us back to the people in our local community.
  • It helps break down some initial barriers by bringing together people who have things in common.

Martha Buckley: I’d be LinkedIn because…

  • LinkedIn Social PlatformIt is the ultimate elevator pitch and/or resume, an ever-changing professional canvas. 
  • In life, you are never the most intelligent person in the room, or you shouldn’t be. The thought leadership and idea sharing aspect of LinkedIn brings this to the digital space in a really organic and communal way.
  • I believe in the fundamental power of uncommon collaboration between various industries to make meaningful/impactful projects or ideas spark to life. Where else can you find a database of your closest 6 degrees of separation to invite into your new business venture or ask for professional advice/insight?

Katey Parker: I’d be SnapChat because…

  • Snapchat Social PlatformIt gives you one chance to make an impression, and then the opportunity is gone forever. No pressure!
  • SnapChat is centered around capturing scenes, feelings, experiences in the moment, and sharing them with your small, close network of friends and family (not your 3000+ Facebook friends).
  • I love getting a up-close and personal peak (thanks to the Geofilters feature) at what positive things are happening around the world, which gives me that greater “I’m just one grain of sand” perspective.


Your turn! If you were a social platform what would you be? Tell us in the comments.


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