If Not Us - Flipping Georgia Blue

If Not Us: Episode 2 – Flipping Georgia Blue

If Not Us is a series of candid conversations with people doing good in the world—and those stepping up to question and address important social issues. Each episode will be hosted by Media Cause with featured guests including activists, nonprofit leaders, social influencers, and change-makers. In case you missed our first episode, check it out here


Episode 2–Flipping Georgia Blue

The rest of the country might be done with the political ads, calls, and texts, but we’re not. Georgian Sarah Ackerman joins host, Eric Facas, to talk about the historic runoff happening in Georgia right now.

In today’s episode, Sarah and Eric talk about the election, what’s at stake, and how everyone can get involved, both Georgian and non-Georgians.

Episode Length: 13 Minutes

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