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How to Thank Facebook Donors

Some of our clients have seen tremendous success leveraging the donate button on Facebook. Being able to connect donations to timely, urgent, breaking news has been a successful way to generate donations.  

One of the issues with Facebook’s donation feature is that there’s no easy way to thank your Facebook donors (and track those donations in your donor database). Some nonprofits can link their account via Network for Good, but if you aren’t a Network for Good user you are limited with how you can process these donations.

Below are a few recommendations on how you can collect donations on Facebook and still show gratitude for a Facebook donor’s generous contribution.

“Thank You” emails

Facebook provides names and email addresses for some of the users who donated. Try to send a thank you email to all Facebook donors you have an email address for.

Comment on Fundraiser Pages

You can’t comment on a fundraiser as the actual organization, but you can comment as yourself on your organization’s behalf or message the organizer with a “thank you” letter. Then, encourage the organizer to share your thank you letter with the page.

Facebook/Twitter Post

Your organization can post a “thank you” post or graphic thanking Facebook donors for their support. Share some kind words from your organization’s leader, a note on where these contributions are going, and/or a motivational message.

Comment on general FB posts

Many Facebook donors mention their donation on Facebook posts, direct message, or as reviews. Your organization should comment to thank them for their support/contribution.

BONUS: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching up to $2M in gifts on Giving Tuesday via Facebook. An organization can receive up to $50,000 in matched donations. Here’s how to sign-up.

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