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How to Download Facebook Videos – No Software Needed

As social media community managers, we work with organizations that communicate directly with the people they’re impacting. Our clients and their supporters often share interesting photos and videos on their personal Facebook profiles. Here at Media Cause, we’ve uncovered a method to download Facebook videos straight from individuals’ profiles. Instead of asking them to email us the video files, we take these simple steps to download the videos. The best part: no 3rd party software needed!

Step 1: View the video on Facebook.

download Facebook videos

Step 2: Click on the date to open the video’s permalink. Notice the URL is now the video’s URL.

download Facebook videos

Step 3: In the video’s URL, replace “www” with “m” — For example, the URL
is now

Step 4: Open your new link. Your video should now be in a Facebook mobile view:

download Facebook videos

Step 5: Play the video, and right-click the video while it’s playing and click “Save Video As…”

download Facebook videos

That’s it!

This allows you to share amazing content from your supporters to your larger community or even members of your board (*always make sure you have approval to use someone’s personal content).  It’s a great easy way to get your community involved and at the center of your communications.

Need some more help? We at Media Cause would be happy to help you out. Just shoot us an email at, reach out to us @MediaCause, or leave a comment below. 


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