How to Create Instagram Ads

If you’re looking to set up a campaign on Instagram but don’t know where to get started, check out our quick-start guide.

Creating Instagram ads has never been easier. By using Ads Manager, you can easily select your ad set placements, from Instagram Newsfeed, Stories, Reels, and more! Additionally, it’s simple to seamlessly run ads across the Meta ecosystem, increasing the reach of your campaigns.

Ads Manager is a one-stop-shop for Facebook and Instagram advertising, with all custom audiences, pixels and retargeting tools integrated between social platforms. What does this mean? Audiences you create within Ads Manager are available to use across platforms and placements! You don’t have to worry about embedding yet another pixel or losing any data.

Questions to ask yourself before running a campaign?

  • Do you have the resources to run Instagram ads?
  • Do you have a clear goal?
  • Is your audience on Instagram? (Infographic via Sprout Social)


How to Setup a Campaign:

Step 1: Create Ad Campaign

Create an ad campaign just like you would on Facebook. Please refer to the ad types for Instagram when selecting the objective (see above).

Instagram ads set up

Step 2: Create Ad Set

Create an ad set just like you would for Facebook, but where you select placements, you can select all the Instagram placements you want to run on and deselect any placements you don’t want to run on. If this ad is running on both Facebook and Instagram, this is where you would check all that apply.

instagram ad setup second step

Step 3: Create Instagram Ad

instagram ad final setup process

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