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How to Set Up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on Your Cvent Event Pages

Setting Up Google Tag Manager with Cvent

For many nonprofits, events are a key part of their donor strategy. Although there are many different event management platforms, Cvent is one that is seen often. Setting up tracking using Google Tag Manager can be very challenging, but the Media Cause Marketing Technology team has conducted research and found a way to add Google Tag Manager to your event pages. 

Google Tag Manager can allow you to track registrations and page views across multiple different platforms, including Google Analytics 4, Meta, etc. However, getting the script code added is more complex than just adding the container code. 

Cvent allows users to add code snippets to the site, but their text editor has a minor quirk—you can’t add <script> tags. This can be a significant problem because many of your common pixel tags are surrounded by script tags; so, adding them without breaking is the main issue. 

Discover how to integrate GTM without problems using the following steps: 

1. The first thing that needs to be done is adding the code snippets at the admin level. Going to the top right of your screen and pressing the icon will give you an admin option. Once in that section, you will see a list of options on your right; go to “code snippets.”

2. Using the create code snippet button, you will then add the following three snippets individually. 


/* pageview snippet */

    'event': 'cvent_page_view'

/* end pageview snippet */


/* initialization snippet */

    new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],

/* end initialization snippet */

Note: Make sure to add your GTM container code above!


/* reg conversion snippet */

    'event': 'reg_complete'

/* reg conversion snippet */
CVENT Code snippets Google Tag Manager with Cvent Analytics for Cvent Event Pages

3. Once these are created, you will go to the individual event to which you want to add these. 

Note: This is all done on an event-by-event basis; you will need to do this every time you set up a new event. 

4. In the event view, code snippets are under the marketing section on the left-hand side. Pressing the add snippet button will allow you to pick one of the snippets you added in the previous steps. You will add each of the ones above with the following snippet types:

PAGEVIEW SNIPPET: All website and registration pages


REG CONVERSION SNIPPET: Registration conversions

CVENT Code snippets Google Tag Manager with Cvent Analytics for Cvent Event Pages

5. Once those are added, you will go to Google Tag Manager, and use these events to create triggers for your tags. These will be very broad triggers using the custom event option. To make these more specific, you can use the page URL variable or any other option. 

Cvent pageview = cvent_page_view

Cvent Registration = reg_complete

6. Using the GTM debug view, double-check that all tags and triggers are firing correctly! Also, keep in mind that this method only passes through registrations; it will not pass through any “value” parameter with a registration. 

Setting Up Google Analytics 4 with Cvent

If you want to integrate only Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with your event, there is a much easier process. This integration will also allow you to pass any “value” that comes along with a registration using the e-commerce section in GA4. 

1. Go to the specific event you want to add GA4 to. Much like the process above, this must be done each time a new event is created. 

2. In the marketing section of the event, you will see web links. Clicking that will lead you to a page with an option labeled “Google Analytics” in the top right. 

CVENT Code snippets Google Tag Manager with Cvent Analytics for Cvent Event Pages

3. Once on the page, you can add your GA4 measurement ID. Please give it 24 hours to start collecting within GA4, but registrations and views should begin to appear after that.

Google Tag Manager with Cvent Analytics for Cvent Event Pages


Need Support with Your Event Page Setups?

With changing requirements and evolving platforms, setting up and tracking events can be one of the biggest challenges for nonprofits. At Media Cause, our team not only ensures a smooth process and setup, but ensures that you leave with a better understanding of your tracking setup. If you need any help with tracking or adding a new platform, reach out to us today!

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