Google Keyword Encryption’s Impact On Search Traffic

The rumor mill is abuzz this month with whispers of Google’s “not provided” keyword encryption.

The keyword encryption might soon include users who are not signed into their Google accounts while using Google’s search engine. This could be particularly bad news for nonprofits that rely on organic search traffic as their primary traffic driver. It’s long been known that the “not provided” security feature is applicable to users who are signed in to their Google account. Google may have good reason to extend this policy to all users though. Consider the news surrounding NSA hacks and data extraction. Google, a strong proponent of internet privacy rights, has been vigilant in its resistance to these government pursuits. By encrypting non-account users of, they are protecting the privacy of all their consumers from unwanted eyes. But this is hardly a comforting explanation to marketers. This is data we all rely and count on to build and improve our various marketing campaigns.

Whether this Google keyword encryption for non-users will truly come to fruition is yet to be established. However, should this news become reality, it’s important to lay down a contingency plan in place of keyword data. The encryption policy is and will continue to be limited to organic search. It is in no way applicable to paid search. By applying for and managing a Google Ad Grants account you will continue the opportunity to understand what your audience is searching for and what queries are most relevant to your content and thus allowing for further SEO adjustments.

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